Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
__ and pieces (miscellany) BITS
__ of the time (nearly always) MOST
“A mouse!” EEK
“Electric” fishes EELS
“I beg your __” (“Excuse me”) PARDON
“That’s the truth!” NOLIE
“That’s too bad!” ALAS
Auto race refueling break PIT STOP
Bandleader’s shout to start the band HIT IT
Be introduced to MEET
Bellybutton NAVEL
Bikini tops BRAS
Birds that honk GEESE
Black bird RAVEN
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Book whose lines are learned by an actor SCRIPT
Boxing results for short TKOS
Break into two pieces SPLIT
Building’s location SITE
Bulky as the “little teapot” STOUT
Centers of hurricanes EYES
Chairs and stools SEATS
Corporate VIPs EXECS
Crossword clue heading ACROSS
Data for short INFO
Destiny FATE
Dictatorial rulers TYRANTS
Emphatic agreement in Spain SISI
Farm storage building SILO
Farmer’s corn or wheat CROP
Finish up END
First part of a play ACT I
Fishing pole ROD
Football throw PASS
Fuss in front of a mirror PREEN
Gets out of bed ARISES
Identical SAME
In plain view OVERT
Install as a sidewalk PAVE
Make a swap TRADE
Mongrel dog CUR
More than enough PLENTY
Music player from Apple IPOD
Musical work for sopranos OPERA
Nevada city RENO
New-car tryout TESTRIDE
Numero __ UNO
Obtains GETS
Office fastener PAPERCLIP
Old pal CRONY
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Parakeets and poodles PETS
Perform better than OUTDO
Pesky flying insect GNAT
Pie a la __ MODE
Ponytail material HAIR
Reindeer name “rhymed” with Blitzen VIXEN
Result of stalling DELAY
Sharp shaving piece RAZORBLADE
Spongy SOFT
Take a glance LOOK
Takes a glance at SEES
Timid MEEK
Top-rated A ONE
Tricky maneuver PLOY
Tube commercial TVSPOT
Underground plant parts ROOTS
Unifying idea THEME
Vast crowd HORDE
Voicemail sound TONE
War horse STEED
Was an omen of BODED
Weather prediction FORECAST
Wish earnestly HOPE
Wooden hors d’oeuvre holder TOOTHPICK