Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
”Point taken” ISEE
”Wheel” guy SAJAK
”__ Boys” (Alcott book) JOS
Advice-giving board OUIJA
Ancient war story AENEID
Band-Aids owner, on the NYSE JNJ
Best, as a bond AAA
Big name in hip-hop KANYE
BLT alternative PBJ
Certain denimwear JEANJACKETS
Choir member TENOR
City on the Rhône LYON
Cold War concern HBOMB
Colorant containers DYEPOTS
Come next ENSUE
Computer mode SLEEP
Country music staple BANJO
Crier’s beat TOWN
Deals with ordeals COPES
Deen of cuisine PAULA
Director DuVernay AVA
Encore, literally AGAIN
Endorse SIGN
Fast-moving game JAIALAI
Fed. cryptographer hirer NSA
Fierce felines PUMAS
First Tudor Henry VII
Florida city OCALA
For example SAY
Former ”Idol” judge, familiarly JLO
Frequent fliers JUMBOJETS
GI support group USO
Grp. like CARE NGO
Herbal tea flavoring ACAI
Hoarse RASPY
Home of the NBA’s Nets BKLYN
Hybrids, e.g AUTOS
Impressive homer LONGONE
It borders California BAJA
It expelled James Bond ETON
Clues Answers
Keep an __ (mind) EYEON
Kind of garage ONECAR
Masked warrior NINJA
Military transport JEEP
Muscle out EJECT
No-nonsense TV decider JUDGEJUDY
Not at all busy SLOW
Nth degree UTMOST
Oz. fractions TSPS
Passed along SENT
Prof.’s degree, perhaps EDD
Project Apollo rocket SATURN
Protrude JUT
Raucous bird JAY
Revere ADORE
Rubbernecks GAWKS
Sartre’s existence ETRE
Sask. neighbor ALTA
Scenes of crimes VENUES
Secret engagement TRYST
Sets for Westerns JAILS posting JOB
Sister of Charlotte ANNE
Sound of a thinker UMM
Splices together JOINS
Sports-card company TOPPS
Springy dance JIG
Sun Bowl Stadium sch UTEP
Toolbar art ICON
Torch gas BUTANE
Venerable T-shirt brand BVD
Water, in 1 Down AGUA
Wearable trinkets JUNKJEWELRY
What some rings are made of ONION
__ quiet life LEADA