Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 21 2018

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Clues Answers
” __-première” (French dress rehearsal) AVANT
”In Spain they say ‘__”’ (Andrews Sisters lyric) SISI
”Now, __ God, I am so vexed . . .”: Shak AFORE
20 Down’s complaint OWIE
ABC took it over last March IDOL
Applications for Kansas City, St. Louis, etc RUBS
Begin a broadcast day SIGNON
Bridge arrangement BIGRED
Buy in filled metal-handled containers, say ORDEROUT
City of northern Spain OVIEDO
Common clock setting BEDTABLE
Cuisinart creations SORBETS
Current, as concerns GOING
Discreet LOWKEY
Disney’s Beast adversary GASTON
Disreputable FLYBYNIGHT
Early name in 1 Chronicles ENOS
EuroBonus points provider SAS
Facial feature EYECREAM
Far from up MOODY
Fictional ”Constellation” class identifier NCC
Five predictors atop the Sistine Chapel SIBYLS
Fourth moonwalker ALANBEAN
Glams (up) RITZES
Goes off RANTS
It means ”in opposition to” CONTRA
Its Illinois headquarters were designed by Eero Saarinen DEERE
Job Corps’ department LABOR
Josiah Wedgwood’s scientist grandson DARWIN
Key prop in ”Parsifal” GRAIL
Letters engraved below five stars on a 1951 Rolex DDE
Lose points, perhaps ERR
Many a museum exhibit LOAN
Mayan pyramid feature STEP
Mitt Romney’s BA major ENG
Clues Answers
Much of Mali SAHARA
Muster minimal muscle DOGIT
Not secure RISKY
Oceanic heavyweight OILER
One-time Marx Brothers employer MGM
Order blank ERASE
Org. founded by Billie Jean King in 1973 WTA
Parte de paella ARROZ
Person at Waterloo IOWAN
Please, with ”with” SCORE
Pops, e.g MEN
Radar reading ESE
Recess rejoinder ARETOO
Request of a retail website ALERT
Something heated up for dinner COOKTOP
Squat NADA
Squirt TOT
String __ TIE
Strong kick ELATION
Tapes, at times MENDS
Texted ”ta ta” TTYL
Transportation that sounds like a restaurant TBAR
Twaddle ROT
Venerable reference publisher LAROUSSE
Walking leaf mimicker KATYDID
Wallop BOP
Warms up or whips up PREPARES
Weekly synagogue signal SHABBATSIREN
What a 20 Down might complain about NONO
What Sagan called the Earth PALEBLUE
Where 900+ volcanoes are ANDES
Where many see butterflies INKBLOTTESTS
Where many things are washed ASHORE
Where tumblers have worked since the 1860s YALELOCK
__ courtesy ASA (beer canning system seller) CASK