Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 22 2018

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Clues Answers
”Ben-Hur” or ”Gladiator” EPIC
”By the powers vested __ . . .” INME
”Dude!” BRO
”Gotcha now” ISEE
”Is this necessary?” MUSTI
’70s tennis star ASHE
30 Across quality TONE
Aardvark alias ANTBEAR
Act as go-between MEDIATE
Affected negatively RIDDLED
African antelope ELAND
Air pump abbr PSI
Airplane stabilizer FIN
Almost-good grade CPLUS
An additional helping MORE
Apple-pie baker’s gadget CORER
Apt to blow up TESTY
Area marked with police tape CRIMESCENE
Attach at the end TAGON
Bed size TWIN
Bishop’s hat MITER
Bookstore adjuncts CAFES
Born first of two ELDER
Business sign abbr ESTD
Cash in Kobe YEN
Certain orchard harvest PEARS
City in Genesis 11 BABEL
Company with an antlered logo DEERE
Completely full SATED
Cornfield cry CAW
Crude cartel OPEC
Decides what’s fair UMPS
Declare untrue DENY
Deified person DEMIGOD
Delt or pec MUSCLE
Deputized group POSSE
Designer Kamali NORMA
Easily caught ball POPFLY
Eclipse descriptor LUNAR
Editorial mark DELE
Electronic reads SCANS
Emulating ALA
End points TERMINI
Ending for worry WART
Exerciser’s smartphone accessory ARMBAND
Freezing temperatures TEENS
French wine valley LOIRE
Gourmet mushroom MOREL
Harmonize ATTUNE
Having a foul 48 Across FETID
Having the know-how ABLE
Helps in, as a heist ABETS
High school athletes playing road games TRAVELTEAM
Highchair feature TRAY
Highland headgear TAM
Hiking venue NATURETRAIL
Insignificant MINOR
Installed, as bricks LAID
Intense work, so to speak SWEAT
Is left with NETS
Jotted down NOTED
Kibbutz, for instance COMMUNE
Lacking manners RUDE
Language spoken in Singapore MALAY
Leeway ROOM
Less adorned BARER
List-ending abbr ETAL
Magazine’s design head ARTDIRECTOR
Makes repairs to MENDS
Mentally quick AGILE
Mistreat ABUSE
Moscovium, at #115 ELEMENT
Clues Answers
Most demanding HARDEST
Move suddenly DART
Nary a soul NOONE
Not the norm ODD
Numerical prefix PENTA
NYSE regulator SEC
Object of adulation IDOL
Oboist’s accessory MUSICSTAND
Old enough to know better ADULT
Old-time cinema ”chapterplays” SERIALS
Ordinary writing PROSE
Party-hat shape CONE
PBS science series NOVA
Performed without words MIMED
Performer’s go-between AGENT
Perfume holder VIAL
Pessimistic plaint ICANT
Picnicked, say ATE
Place for league standings SPORTSPAGE
Plot measure ACRE
Prefix like contra- ANTI
Ride-sharing 1 Down UBER
Right to speak in a legislature FLOOR
Ring-shaped roll BAGEL
Roof sealant TAR
Saintly symbol HALO
San __ Obispo, CA LUIS
See 109 Across RAMP
Self-styled expert MAVEN
Shangri-la EDEN
Sign of the ram ARIES
Signs of things to come OMENS
Single-minded expert NERD
Smartphone display TIME
Solemn agreement AMEN
Sorbet flavor LIME
Spoken-word contest POETRYSLAM
Spotless CLEAN
Sprite in ”The Tempest” ARIEL
Stately homes MANORS
Steamed Mexican fare TAMALE
Suffix for gazillion AIRE
Supportive vote YEA
Symposium group PANEL
Tablet download APP
Take one’s leave PART
Takes a gander at EYES
Telltale sign ODOR
Thanksgiving tuber YAM
The Silver State, for short NEV
Torts class attendee LAWSTUDENT
Toy dog’s perch LAP
Tribal healer MEDICINEMAN
Ultimate height ACME
University since 1701 YALE
Unleashed FREED
Unlike a rolling stone MOSSY
Unrefined metal ORES
Used to own HAD
Video game giant SEGA
War reenactor, e.g HISTORYBUFF
Waterproof covers TARPS
What a feller needs AXE
What Zambonis work on ICE
With 107 Across, way off of a sort EXIT
Write to disk SAVE
Writer Angelou MAYA
Yearns (for) ACHES
__ Baba ALI
__ Corning (insulation company) OWENS
__ dish (lab vessel) PETRI
__ Hawkins Day SADIE
__ Millions (multistate lottery) MEGA