Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
”Drive faster!” STEPONIT
”Hard-boiled” breakfast serving EGG
”What time __?” ISIT
”Which person?” WHO
”__ of luck!” LOTS
At the front of the line NEXT
Backyard storage structures SHEDS
Breakfast food in a bowl CEREAL
Bright flash from a gray sky LIGHTNINGSTRIKE
Canyon sound ECHO
Cape __, MA COD
Cheddar or Swiss CHEESE
Clean a blackboard ERASE
Color variations TONES
Cylindrical farm building SILO
Deep-sea diving gear SCUBA
Des Moines resident IOWAN
Double-curve letters ESSES
Enormous HUGE
Entryway DOOR
Exist ARE
Female deer DOE
Food served on the cob CORN
From not long ago RECENT
Ghostly gathering SEANCE
Harpoon or javelin SPEAR
Has an evening meal SUPS
Heavy precipitation from a gray sky POURINGRAIN
Hit at, as a fly SWAT
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Ignore a ”KEEP OUT” sign TRESPASS
Improves, as a manuscript EDITS
In addition ALSO
In dreamland ASLEEP
India’s continent ASIA
Informal refusal UHUH
International agreement PACT
Join together UNITE
Kids’ plastic blocks LEGOS
Clues Answers
Kitchen basin SINK
Lima’s country PERU
Loud sound from a gray sky THUNDERCLAP
Made smaller, as improperly dried laundry SHRUNKEN
Mouse or rat RODENT
Mrs. Sprat, to Jack WIFE
Mystical glow AURA
Nasal passage SINUS
Observed SEEN
Ocean liner SHIP
Otherwise ELSE
Prefix meaning ”earth” GEO
Price stickers TAGS
Related (to) AKIN
Restore to working order FIX
Rich with foliage LUSH
Roller-coaster rider’s cry WHEE
Rowboat implement OAR
Secret writings CODES
Serious stage play DRAMA
Severe, as a punishment HARSH
Shorthand taker, for short STENO
Slight advantage EDGE
Something polished in a pedicure TOE
Squeaky gate attachment HINGE
Squirrel’s snack ACORN
Strong point ASSET
Stylish CHIC
Support with a wager BETON
T-shirt size smaller than lge MED
Take a bus or train RIDE
Takes advantage of USES
The Loch __ monster NESS
Theater seating level LOGE
Tinker Bell’s flying pal PETERPAN
Turnpike charge TOLL
Without a warranty ASIS
Work very hard TOIL
__ and hearty (healthy) HALE