Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 24 2018

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Clues Answers
”Me? Never!” NOTI
”Most certainly!” INDEED
”On the __ hand . . .” OTHER
”This __ sudden!” ISSO
Acorn producers OAKS
Advanced high school math CALC
Be a freeloader MOOCH
Beer stein MUG
Bit of land in the sea ISLE
Book of maps ATLAS
Buzzed like a bee DRONED
Cap brim VISOR
Carryall bag TOTE
Cashew or pecan NUT
Cattle drive animal STEER
Churchgoer’s agreement AMEN
Command to a cannoneer FIRE
Covered with suds SOAPY
Cunning SLY
Deep chasm ABYSS
Diabolical EVIL
Dog treats BONES
Emulates animals boarding Noah’s Ark ENTERSTWOBYTWO
Explorer of kids’ TV DORA
Family man DAD
Family room DEN
Fawn’s mother DOE
Finish with ENDON
Florida bay city TAMPA
Frozen cubes ICE
Genesis paradise EDEN
Get along well HITITOFF
Give off EMIT
Go one better than OUTDO
Great enthusiasm ARDOR
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Halifax, __ Scotia NOVA
Heartbeat PULSE
Clues Answers
High standards IDEALS
Imperfection FLAW
In the midst of AMONG
Journey TRIP
Lamentful yell WAIL
Large antlered animal MOOSE
Letter before tee ESS
Midday snooze SIESTA
Midday snoozes NAPS
Milky gemstone OPAL
Mountains of South America ANDES
Neighborhood food shop DELI
Norway’s capital OSLO
Not saying anything MUM
Not scheduled yet: Abbr TBA
Opinion piece ESSAY
Otherwise ELSE
Owned by us OUR
Phrase denoting excessive progress TOOMUCHTOOSOON
Picture-hanging surface WALL
Place for pasting photos ALBUM
Playful prank ANTIC
Razor-sharp KEEN
Relax in the tub SOAK
Salt Lake state UTAH
Sharp, as eyesight ACUTE
Shouts out YELLS
Sleeplessness INSOMNIA
Subtle color TINT
Tennis great Evert CHRIS
Toy block brand LEGO
Unseasoned, as food BLAND
Uses a shovel DIGS
Wedding vow phrase TOHAVEANDTOHOLD
What Julius Caesar spoke LATIN
When a plane is supposed to leave: Abbr ETD
Work with needle and thread SEW
__ Baba ALI