Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
”I’m OK, no __ done” HARM
”That smarts!” OUCH
”Welcome” floor cover MAT
”You’ve got mail” email service AOL
”__ questions?” ANY
A step between floors STAIR
Activated, as an alarm ARMED
Actor Henry or Jane FONDA
After-dinner wine SHERRY
And so on, for short ETC
Any energy source FUEL
Approximate landing hr ETA
Army cops: Abbr MPS
Bearlike Aussie beast KOALA
Bend with the breeze SWAY
Big to-do HOOPLA
Bikini top BRA
Cajun veggie OKRA
Cards that top kings ACES
Come __ of the rain INOUT
Constellation bear URSA
Criticizes, informally RIPS
Current name of Persia IRAN
Detest ABHOR
Difficult to climb STEEP
Evaluator RATER
Fairy tale beginning ONCE
Family rec center: Abbr YMCA
Fluid ounce fraction: Abbr TSP
Free ticket PASS
Get ready for work DRESS
Given a signal on stage CUED
Gooey campfire treat SMORE
Homes for monks ABBEYS
Internet cafe connection WIFI
Clues Answers
Madcap comedy FARCE
Makes a misjudgment ERRS
Money in Spain EURO
Morocco’s capital RABAT
Ode or limerick POEM
On a cruise ATSEA
Pantry invaders ANTS
Park bench board SLAT
Poet Ogden NASH
Pops’ partners MOMS
Prefix for modern ULTRA
Previous PRIOR
Prohibited thing NONO
Renter’s contract LEASE
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
See 61 Down ERIE
See at a distance ESPY
Set of principles ETHIC
Squirrels away HOARDS
Starter for heat or history PRE
Take a break REST
That guy’s HIS
The ones over there THOSE
Throat culture finding STREP
Throw forcefully HURL
Tiny amount MITE
Total flop FIASCO
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Ukrainian port ODESSA
Unsophisticated folks HICKS
Valentine flower ROSE
Vehicle pushed by shoppers CART
Very manly MACHO
What a furnace provides HEAT
With 64 Across, water bordering Cleveland LAKE
Young boy TYKE
__ as a peacock (vain) PROUD