Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
#1 in PGA Tour wins SNEAD
”Bitter” competition RIVALRY
”Of thee __” ISING
”Old” London theatre VIC
”Play it, Sam” speaker ILSA
”Satellite” service RADIO
”There __ substitute for paying attention” ISNO
”Try to be less obvious” ACTCASUAL
A thousand large MIL
Alcott girl AMY
Angler’s basket CREEL
Approval from Auguste BON
Barely into a new day ONEAM
Beaut PIP
Big Ten sch OSU
Cash, e.g ASSET
Casual attire TEES
Certain Middle Easterner OMANI
Cholesterol, for instance ORGANICCOMPOUND
Cleopatra, for one EGYPTIAN
Clinicians’ grp AMA
Cuts into cubes DICES
Dash device ODO
Doctor’s prescription DRUG
Does lawn work EDGES
Dogbert drawer ADAMS
Ersatz Frisbee PIEPAN
Financial subj ECON
Foolish DIPPY
Gem, specifically or in general PEARL
Headphones descriptor STEREO
Heavy metal in Road Runner cartoons ANVIL
Hole-in-one helper, maybe LUCKYBOUNCE
Homer’s neighbor NED
Hound hand PAW
Is in store AWAITS
Clues Answers
It hardly ever happens RARITY
Juliet’s love AMORE
Kitchen cleaner SPONGE
LP holder SLEEVE
Meager LEAN
Mealtime protector BIB
Measure of brightness LUMEN
Medieval defense ARMOR
More sensible WISER
NL or NBA honor MVP
Not straightforward SLY
Omit orally ELIDE
One-time Common Market initials EEC
Out of fashion DATED
Poet’s preposition ERE
Portuguese wine MADEIRA
Power source GENERATOR
Put together UNITE
Puts together BLENDS
Reel thing, once MOVIE
Religious assembly SYNOD
Remote feature PAUSEBUTTON
Roofing material TIN
Rope material NYLON
Schedules for sure INKSIN
Start of a Cato confession MEA
Stuff in some vitamin packets SILICA
Tools for breaking POOLCUES
Tuckered out WEARY
Tyke BOY
Unhelpful knock follower ITSME
Unthinking worker ROBOT
Visual aids, informally SPECS
Vocal extent RANGE
What a certain vaccine can prevent MUMPS
Whirlpool sister brand AMANA
With panache NEATLY