Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 28 2018

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Clues Answers
”(A Little More) Mascara” show, for short LACAGE
”Blazing Saddles” sheriff BART
”I can’t remember this guy” epithet MAC
Addresses without exchanges TALKSAT
Appointment at an institute DEAN
Big pictures EPICS
Big wheel at some parties BRIE
Birthplace of the largest religions ASIA
Book including Adam, Moses and John the Baptist THEKORAN
Bucks GELT
Causes to roar REVS
Center for sportsmen TEE
Comes together GELS
Common crossword notation ABBR
Common interview question CAREERGOAL
Common pub fare TRIVIAGAME
Consumption of energy USAGE
Different ELSE
Dining __ AREA
Doesn’t dawdle ACTS
Evacuation order OUT
Exclamation of excitation OOH
Exclamation of frustration RATS
Get to VEX
Great facility EASE
Green stuff, for short GUAC
Had a battle, perhaps ARGUED
Hard to be moved STOIC
Instructional file README
Intended for instruction DIDACTIC
It’s not news OPED
Lefties can’t play it POLO
Let fall naturally SHED
Lightning lab devices TESLACOILS
Long-running HBO comedy VEEP
Clues Answers
Mayo is held here EIRE
Mediterranean course LENTILSOUP
Mineral with magnesium TALC
Much to see in Greece RUINS
Name on a 2012 ticket RYAN
Name on the ”Peanuts” character list PELT
One gone EVACUEE
One on a drive STEER
Opposite of ”aggregated” APOP
Opposite-view introducer EVENSO
Othello’s other name REVERSI
Patron saint of Hawaii DAMIEN
Patrons, politely GUESTS
Petit nombre DEUX
Planning metaphor ROADMAP
Put in ADDED
Real-life Superman opponent in a ’78 comic book ALI
Refrains DOESNOT
Running back’s leg-power builder SLED
Short-lived FDR agency NRA
Sling, essentially STRAP
Square figures NERDS
Start to lock ANTI
Sugar magnate who endowed a gallery TATE
Supporting people AYES
Unloads SELLS
Venerable shipbuilding center GENOA
Water south of Myanmar ANDAMANSEA
What’s seen beside some red arrows YOUAREHERE
Wind-formed topography SANDDUNE
Word from the Greek for ”wanderer” PLANET
__ timer EGG