Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 28 2021 Crossword Answer

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Clues Answers
”Ain’t happening!” ASIF
”Another thing . . .” OHBYTHEWAY
”Dancing Queen” vocal group ABBA
”Outer space” starter ASTRO
”You __ serious?” ARENT
Actor Rob LOWE
Adorable CUTE
Allay, as fears EASE
Angry MAD
Approx. takeoff hour ETD
Barnyard females EWES
Be deep in debt OWEABUNDLE
Betting settings CASINOS
Boarded up SHUT
Boating hazard REEF
Brazilian city, for short RIO
Capitalizes on USES
Car registration fig VIN
Carry by truck HAUL
Cartoonist’s implement PEN
Census collections STATS
Certain shortening LARD
Charges for services FEES
Common blood type OPOSITIVE
Convex navel OUTIE
Currant, for instance BERRY
Deluxe hotel offerings SUITES
Dense, as fog SOUPY
Door-slam sound BANG
Dropped sharply SANK
Examines closely EYES
Hapless one SCHMO
Have sore muscles ACHE
Heavy (with) LADEN
Heavy hammer SLEDGE
Heroic doings DEEDS
Hung in there ENDURED
Insignificant MERE
Japanese noodles RAMEN
Keyboard shortcut MACRO
Klutz’s comment OOPS
Language of Belgium FLEMISH
List of candidates SLATE
Longest African river NILE
Make into baby food PUREE
Makes a request ASKS
Meeting of the minds ACCORD
Muslim Almighty ALLAH
Neighbor of Turkey IRAN
Nights before holidays EVES
Not on a tilt LEVEL
Observed SEEN
Overcharged GOUGED
Pale-looking ASHEN
Part of the eye IRIS
Pedigree cat SIAMESE
Penny-__ poker ANTE
Pine tree product CONE
Pocket-size music players IPODS
Prefix for phone or bucks MEGA
Raised, as rabbits BRED
Really keen on INTO
Screen on a bar wall HDTV
Secluded valleys GLENS
Strauss of jeans fame LEVI
Sudden thrust LUNGE
Swimsuit section BRA
Symbols for apps ICONS
Tip of an airplane NOSE
To date ASYET
Trait determinant GENE
Uncredited, as a quote: Abbr ANON
Vegan’s avoidance MEAT
Vegas cube DIE
What an IRA holds NESTEGG
Wisconsin city EAUCLAIRE
Yoko __ ONO