Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 3 2019

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Clues Answers
”Darn it!” DRAT
”Fine with me” SURE
”I Love Lucy” surname RICARDO
A Kardashian sister KIM
Accounting department aide BOOKKEEPER
Adventurous pursuit QUEST
Allow LET
Anxious feeling AGITA
Arizona neighbor MEXICO
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Big kitchen cooker STOVE
Bottom of the foot SOLE
Boxer Mike TYSON
Butter in a box STICK
Competence ABILITY
Corporate VIPs EXECS
Dental picture XRAY
Eavesdropping distance EARSHOT
Elevation standard SEALEVEL
End of Caesar’s boast VICI
Equalize EVEN
Ferocious dinosaur TREX
Film critic Gene SISKEL
Fly high SOAR
Foxy SLY
Frequently ALOT
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Heavy stringed instrument HARP
Homes made of twigs NESTS
Impending danger THREAT
Keenly perceptive ASTUTE
Large marine mammal MANATEE
Life of __ (carefree existence) RILEY
Life-science lab worker BIOLOGIST
Martini mixer BARTENDER
Mix, as a salad TOSS
Most populous country CHINA
Moves stealthily CREEPS
Multiplied by TIMES
Nautical ”Halt!” AVAST
Navigator’s reference MAP
Need a break TIRE
Noble two levels below duke EARL
Norwegian kingly name OLAV
Not at home OUT
Offends the nose REEKS
Old West horseshoer BLACKSMITH
Opera by Verdi AIDA
Orange side dish YAM
Passed-down knowledge LORE
Piece of land PLOT
Place for a cookout PATIO
Portray in a film, say ACTAS
Powerful chess pieces QUEENS
Prepare water for tea BOIL
Prescriptions, for short MEDS
Repeat back ECHO
Rounded roof DOME
Sailor, slangily GOB
Second notes of the scale RES
Send a phone message TEXT
Soccer cheers OLES
Son of Cain ENOCH
Tag on a garment LABEL
Take a break REST
Team’s setback LOSS
Three-legged art stand EASEL
Throws a tantrum RAGES
Top seller HIT
Typical Saudi citizen ARAB
Vocal range ALTO
Wallet singles ONES
Waterpik competitor ORALB
Wood-chopping tool AXE
__ or less (approximately) MORE