Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
”Central” indoor cooler AIRCONDITIONING
”It’s us against __” THEM
”No ifs, __, or buts!” ANDS
”__ in Boots” (fairy tale) PUSS
”__ Sir or Madam . . .” DEAR
Actor Baldwin ALEC
African animal-viewing tour SAFARI
Alda of ”M*A*S*H” ALAN
AM/FM receiver RADIO
Ambulance drivers: Abbr EMTS
Amount to pay PRICE
And others, for short ETC
And others: Abbr ETAL
Angels’ toppers HALOS
Arrested, informally RANIN
At any time EVER
Author’s representative AGENT
Banana’s skin PEEL
Bed for a baby CRIB
Beverages to cool off with COLDDRINKS
Bird of peace DOVE
Bonnets and berets HATS
Camel’s South American cousins LLAMAS
Computer-desktop images ICONS
Corporate leader: Abbr CEO
Dust in a chimney SOOT
Edison’s occupation INVENTOR
Engine MOTOR
Entranceways DOORS
Evaluate RATE
Eve’s spouse ADAM
Family room DEN
Feeling of dread ANGST
Feeling pleased GLAD
Female choir voice ALTO
Fingernail-smoothing tool FILE
Garfield’s pooch pal ODIE
Getting chilled, as champagne ONICE
Clues Answers
Great enthusiasm ARDOR
Highest poker cards ACES
Intelligent SMART
Is obligated to MUST
Jay once of ”The Tonight Show” LENO
Make less complicated EASE
Military outposts FORTS
More expensive COSTLIER
Most fiendish VILEST
Mrs. George Washington MARTHA
Multiyear savings accounts, for short CDS
Not doing anything IDLE
O’Donnell of TV ROSIE
Open, as shoelaces UNDO
Overhead rotating cooler CEILINGFAN
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Performer of illusions MAGICIAN
Prefix meaning ”three” TRI
Pub beverages BEERS
Regarding, in memos ASTO
Religious offshoot SECT
Repair, as a shirt MEND
Road-gripping ability TRACTION
Service charge FEE
Shark’s appendage FIN
Shopping trip sheet LIST
Skillet PAN
Small spot of land in an ocean ISLET
Spaghetti or ravioli PASTA
Strong breezes WINDS
The five vowels AEIOU
Twist in a garden hose KINK
Vapor from a chimney SMOKE
Very funny people RIOTS
Waiter’s handout MENU
Where Des Moines is IOWA
Wise saying MAXIM
Yoked farm animals OXEN