– Jul 31 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
”Stay-put” contract stipulation NOTRADE
”Vindication!” HAH
Abbr. on a Celtics home-game schedule EST
Add gratis TOSSIN
Admired oneself PREENED
Antonym of ”insurrect” OBEY
Ascribe altruistic motives to ENNOBLE
Atomizer attachment VIAL
Beast on Wyoming’s flag BISON
Best Actress Oscar role after Elizabeth II EDITH
Candidates for 10 Down ISTHMI
Certain CDs EPS
Charismatic vibe AURA
Cheer up ANIMATE
Chihuahua coverup SERAPE
Clipped TERSE
Creator of Angela’s ”Groove Back” Stella TERRY
Dealership paperwork LEASE
Elevated-sounding accomplishment BEAUT
Enhance or enlarge AUGMENT
Escape artist of similes EEL
FedEx rival DHL
For whom Hercules did heavy lifting (Labor #11) ATLAS
Giant of general aviation history LEAR
How some like their donuts ICED
How some quips are delivered SLYLY
How stalactites form OVERTIME
It’s in garlic’s genus LEEK
Keep-in-touch request DONTBEASTRANGER
Late December debris NEEDLES
Lifting impediment BADBACK
Magician’s accessory CAPE
Marsh chorus CROAKS
Medieval book of fables BESTIARY
Meteoric FLEET
Metropolis near Memphis CAIRO
Multi-Emmy author of ”The Grouchy Historian” ASNER
One heard at choir practice PIANO
One who might cry ”Uncle!” NIECE
Order manager ABBESS
Performing far and wide ONTOUR
Pious, from the Hebrew for ”piety” HASIDIC
Pollen source STAMEN
Prepared, as breakfast grapefruits HALVED
Put a bandage on DRESS
Quarters for sailors BOATELS
Roped calf’s protest BAWL
Saints’ achievements: Abbr TDS
Setting for ”Shogun” EDO
Shortcuts that take years to complete CANALS
Simple life AMOEBAE
Smidgen MITE
Sousa’s ”Hands Across the __” SEA
Spartan or Corinthian HELLENE
Stock character of Westerns SETTLER
Stock character of Westerns PIONEER
Tahiti sweetie AMIE
Takes eight tiles in Scrabble, e.g ERRS
Takes home a bundle WINSBIG
Unhurried EASY
W-2 addressees EARNERS
Wear with flair SPORT
What moves you (from within or without) DRIVE
What some collars keep off FLEAS
What Yellen got in economics PHD
What’s seen with many a St. Bernard depiction KEG
Wind hazard SHEAR
Word after cover or capital LETTER

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