Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 5 2018

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Clues Answers
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA
__ stroke (immediately) ATA
“Hi” or “bye” ALOHA
“Late Night” host MEYERS
“Not this!” OHNO
“Sleepless in Seattle” director EPHRON
“Spill it!” DO TELL
Abridge perhaps EDIT
All over ANEW
Ask about QUERY
Back up again RESAVE
Be a sign of DONATE
Bob in the Rock Hall of Fame SEGER
Bone ending at the elbow ULNA
Checked out as from a library ONLOAN
Cover with bricks perhaps PAVE
Didn’t get used SAT
Don’t move STAY
Entertainment unit TV SET
Even a single time EVER
Evian product at its source EAU
Examined something thoroughly TOOK A GOOD LOOK
Extensive WIDE
Farm measures BALES
Flying fox for one BAT
Gadot who portrays Wonder Woman GAL
Gets a garden going SOWS
GPS reading ENE
Guitar range ALTO
Guru of sci-fi filmdom YODA
Had optimism (for) HOPED
Half of a vise JAW
Having overindulged informally BLOTTO
Hill’s gradient SLOPE
HMO members DRS
Infuriation IRE
IQ test developer BINET
King’s servant VASSAL
Knucklehead DODO
Knucklehead DOPE
Lager alternative ALE
Lemon-shaped OVAL
Listing at DOGWALKER
Lofty verses ODES
Make unpunctual LATEN
Man caves DENS
Nevada airport on luggage tags LAST
Nobleman of tea fame GREY
Nuthatch noses BEAKS
Offhand as a quip ADLIB
Overbearing BOSSY
Own up to AVOW
Plains tribe OSAGE
Polynesian’s potato substitute TARO
Prefix for chemistry BIO
Raw research DATA
Really relaxed LOOSEY GOOSEY
Rockabilly music precursor BOOGIE WOOGIE
Royal crown TIARA
Sauce style for short BBQ
See 1 Down OSEVEN
Something in the air ODOR
Summon up INVOKE
Sushi bar condiment WASABI
Sushi bar fish TUNA
Talent show VIP JUDGE
This this and that THESE
Top story at times ATTIC
Traversing ACROSS
Try to track down SEEK
Turkey portion BREAST
What 11 is made of ONES
Where to plug in a flash drive PORT
With 45 Down alternate puzzle title DOUBLE