Crossword Puzzle Info – Jul 6 2018

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Clues Answers
Agree to take part OPTIN
Almost inadequate SCANT
Antoine’s apples POMMES
Articles in the Constitution SEVEN
Away from shore SEAWARD
Be frugal STINT
Bound (to) HEADED
Burrito, essentially WRAP
Business daily, for short WSJ
Called it a day RETIRED
Car company contract WARRANTY
Cause of some blowups TNT
Compass reading WNW
Cut into a ring ETCH
Cut verbally SNIPE
Cutting short ABORTING
Doctrinal offshoots SECTS
Elongated runner SKI
Far from stern LENIENT
Fast-moving spray JET
Flor roja ROSA
Food for upper-class ancient Romans OVA
Former name on ”The View” ROSIE
Fox’s partner of ’90s TV DANA
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Gravitates LEANS
Hair accessory PIN
Home run’s course ARC
HS diploma substitute GED
Hurdle for high schoolers PSAT
Hurdle for some collegians GRE
Immeasurable chasms ABYSSES
Clues Answers
Important bank, in headlines FED
In braids ENLACED
Isn’t for real PRETENDS
It means ”beyond” ULTRA
Lab liquids ACIDS
Lab liquids BASES
Language close to Hindi URDU
Less accepting LEERIER
Lord in the Babar books RHINO
Metal in pewter TIN
Northern South American river ORINOCO
Obi-Wan before Ewan ALEC
Park bench piece SLAT
Poetic contraction OER
Poetic contraction EER
Saharan nature DRYNESS
Section of SHOES
Sleekly designed, so to speak AERO
Sound of amusement TEHEE
Spec for 50 Down EEE
Stage filler for a ”monster concert” PIANOS
Stretch (out) EKE
Timeline nos YRS
Tourist attraction SIGHT
Ultimate aim ENDALL
Under-the-sink pipe PTRAP
Unintentionally odd, à la Dickens PICKWICKIAN
Unites after splitting ELOPES
Want to be like ADMIRE
Web-footed mammal OTTER
What you’re made of DNA
Whiny litany SOBSTORY
Without exceptions BARNONE
Word before coat or code DRESS