Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 1 2019

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Clues Answers
”Find a Post” search offerer VFW
”Sound of Music” sight ALP
”__ action figure!”: Hercules in ”Hercules” IMAN
”__ at 95” (1988 art book) ERTE
”ยก__ es la vida!” ESTA
1994 memoir of ”The Human Typewriter” IASIMOV
All-at-once, as a series release BINGEABLE
Architect’s inclination BEVEL
Austin Powers’ pop NIGEL
Brit’s holiday VAC
Capital, since 1974 NHLER
CWO’s superior ENS
Deplete BURN
Do an NFL ref’s job FLIPACOIN
Don’t worry SLEEPEASY
Donald Duck persona in ”Toy Tinkers” SANTA
Elocute RECITE
End of many a site sequence COM
Ernie, in ”It’s a Wonderful Life” CABBIE
Exerted USED
Extremely lucky HOT
Focus (on) ZEROIN
Full-boat ATOZ
Gamers, so to speak PLAYAS
Goggled LEERED
Got famous AROSE
Having no key ATONAL
Heart of Pyongyang GEE
Home holder of 275 gallons OILTANK
Hummus scoop, at times NAN
In-development Aerion AS2 SST
Indoor surfing venues WAVEPOOLS
Keyed up ANTSY
Lex Luthor’s sister LENA
Light work OPERETTA
Mentor’s offering INPUT
Merchant ship supervisor BOSUN
Metaphors for damage PRICETAGS
Most important PIVOTAL
Much of fake bacon SOY
Navigational hobbyist ORIENTEER
Nickname for many sportsmen with ”R” names THEROCKET
Novelist who taught at Bologna ECO
Off the mark ERRONEOUS
One decorated HERO
Opposite of ”antica” NUOVA
Out of the blue ASHORE
Outbreak ONSET
Overland or Detroiter, around 1910 CAR
Pokmon medium ANIME
Resembling ALA
Retro restaurants MALTSHOPS
Rightmost Olympic ring shade RED
Salt __ MARSH
Secondary, for short ASST
Sets straight TRUES
Source of ”galore” IRISH
They’re underfoot at home TILES
Third-billed ”Pulp Fiction” name UMA
Translator’s concern GENDER
Uncomfortable with argumentation DESPOTIC
Venice waterbus VAPORETTO
Vocalizes disdain for RAPS
West Pointer a year behind Jefferson Davis LEE
What MacLaine reveals in ”I’m Over All That” PASTLIVES
What some kits contain TOOLS
Where many interns work ORS
Whom Glenn served with in the ’50s USMARINES
__ pickle INA