Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 10 2018

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Clues Answers
”High” requirement for stamina ENERGYLEVEL
”Iliad” warrior AJAX
Academic period TERM
Actress Shire TALIA
Advisories ALERTS
Affectionate greeting HUG
Air-base structure RADARTOWER
Alphabetic trio STU
Ancient manuscripts PAPYRI
Animal rights org SPCA
Appear without warning POPUP
Apply (for), as a promotion PUTIN
Assert CLAIM
Asset in oratory EYECONTACT
Back street ALLEY
Ballet bend PLIE
Belittle ABASE
Bloke CHAP
Blot with a paper towel PATDRY
Body shop sprayer PAINTGUN
Boorish CRASS
Bring under control TAME
British diarist PEPYS
Brother in Genesis 4 CAIN
Brother in Genesis 4 ABEL
Cast portrayal ROLE
Charged particles IONS
Church officer ELDER
Class jottings NOTES
Code of conduct ETHIC
Cold cubes ICE
Comes before PRECEDES
Command level ECHELON
Commission recipient SALESREP
Compact car since ’72 HONDACIVIC
Comparable (to) AKIN
Complain, so to speak MOAN
Cornfield birds RAVENS
Cultural pursuits ARTS
December season NOEL
Decline to bid PASS
Dishonorable guy CAD
Disneyland shuttles TRAMS
Do a fall chore RAKE
Does some roofing TARS
DVR remote button REW
Equilibrium STASIS
Extend across SPAN
Fallon’s predecessor LENO
Fencing blade EPEE
Fleecy females EWES
Flooring measures AREAS
Food processor setting PUREE
Free from fear CALM
Golf instructors PROS
Have no __ for (dislike) USE
Having what it takes ABLE
Hefty book TOME
Hem in TRAP
Himalayan region TIBET
HMO network members DRS
Hot-dish holder TRIVET
Impersonate APE
In accordance with PER
Indy contestant RACECARDRIVER
Just shy of shut AJAR
Large quantity SLEW
Liquid-Plumr rival DRANO
List shortener ETAL
Little laugh TEHEE
Make do without SPARE
Manning of the NFL ELI
Many profs.’ degrees PHDS
Clues Answers
Masquerade (as) POSE
Moved quickly SPED
Muscle twitches SPASMS
Newspaper essays OPEDS
Not as much LESS
November tabulation VOTES
Now a new color DYED
Now ready to publish EDITED
Oscar winner Witherspoon REESE
Pacific weather phenomenon ELNINO
Palm fruit DATE
Paper package REAM
Part of eight of this puzzle’s long answers PALINDROME
Peanut butter variety CREAMY
Person from Zagreb CROAT
Planetarium roof DOME
Praiseful review RAVE
Pre-owned NOTNEW
Prepared MADE
Print makers in snow PAWS
Programming pro CODER
Push-up beneficiaries PECS
Reads closely (over) PORES
Remain unsettled PEND
Remove a stubble SHAVE
Repetitive learning ROTE
Rock concert features GUITARSOLOS
Rodeo Drive designer GUCCI
Rounds for weapons AMMO
Sandy expanses DUNES
Sassy PERT
Shakespearean verse SONNET
Sirloin, for instance STEAK
Skating leaps AXELS
Slim swimmer EEL
Small ”numero” UNO
Small whirlpool EDDY
Some offspring SONS
Source for oil and ink SOY
Southern Mexican state OAXACA
Spill a secret BLAB
Spokane winter setting: Abbr PST
Spot for an earring LOBE
Squirrels away SAVES
Still developing UNRIPE
Sudden insights AHAMOMENTS
Suffix for percent ILE
Support financially BACK
Sushi tuna AHI
Sweeping stories EPICS
Tank top or tee SHIRT
Taproom servings ALES
Term of endearment HON
The Big Easy NOLA
Theoretically ONPAPER
Thin candle TAPER
Thought-provoking DEEP
Timetable listing STOP
Too trusting NAIVE
Top-billed role LEAD
Track wager EXACTA
Twinkly in the evening STARLIT
Underground resource ORE
Underlying cause ROOT
Venerable candy on a stick TOOTSIEPOP
Vet patients PETS
Visibly stunned AGAPE
Walks nervously PACES
Wardrobe cabinet ARMOIRE
Website promo BANNERAD
Wind instruments OBOES
Winter cap feature EARLAP
Woodpile covering TARP