– Jun 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Carne __” (roasted meat) ASADA
”Get outta here!” SCAT
10-cent portrait FDR
100, for a bond PAR
Acting properly BEHAVING
Article in ”Le Monde” UNE
Become accustomed (to) ENURE
Black-and-white swimmer ORCA
Bylaw RULE
Campers’ burdens TENTS
Cast forth SPEW
Cease-fires TRUCES
Chew on GNAW
City’s outskirts BURBS
Come to __ (fail) GRIEF
Diner freebie STRAW
Dodge City lawman EARP
Does the butterfly SWIMS
Expert on Melvil Dewey LIBRARIAN
Farm soil LOAM
Fern seed SPORE
Film genre NOIR
First appearance DEBUT
First month in Majorca ENERO
For your eyes only SECRET
French spa EVIAN
Gas-tank additive STP
Grand __ National Park TETON
Hazard to navigation BERG
High-tech hoverer MAGLEVTRAIN
Homestead Act units ACRES
In essence PERSE
Infuriation IRE
Ingredient in some soap ALOE
Layer of green eggs EMU
Lease detail RENT
Like pothooks SSHAPED
List of choices MENU
Literally, ”works” OPERA
Longings YENS
Makeshift swing TIRE
More cautious WARIER
Narrow piece STRIP
Old Testament twin ESAU
Opening chips ANTES
Pittsburgh paper, familiarly TRIB
Places to scuba REEFS
Police-department hoverer HELICOPTER
Prefix like pan- OMNI
Prickly plant BRIAR
Restaurant hoverer FUSSYWAITER
Ripoff SCAM
Sci-fi hoverer ALIENCRAFT
Shakespearean recipe ingredient NEWT
Shows shock, perhaps REACTS
Sistine Chapel depiction EDEN
Solemn promise OATH
Sound of contentment AHH
Source of dates PALM
Spanish squiggle TILDE
Starchy side dish YAM
Symbol of sanctity HALO
Thick liqueur CREME
Title role for Hilary Swank AMELIA
To that terrible extent SOBAD
Trying to get on ATBAT
What a skyline is part of CITYSCAPE
What to call it TERM
Where rounds begin FIRSTTEE
Wood processors SAWS
Writing styles VEINS
__-edged (high quality) GILT

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