– Jun 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”And that’s the truth!” SOHELPME
”Bow down, archangels, in your dim __”: Yeats ABODE
”__ Finest Hour” (Churchill book) THEIR
2007 Best Director Oscar sharer ETHANCOEN
Astronomical study TIDES
Athlete’s jitters YIPS
Beloved Hollywood nickname THEDUKE
Canvas holders MASTS
Caricaturist SKETCHER
Carrying mail ARMORED
Cedar Rapids school COE
Certain racer STUNTCAR
Certain racers TENSPEEDS
City east of Delft GOUDA
Conclusive procedures ACIDTESTS
Didn’t go together CLASHED
Divide REND
Dockers’ cousins LEVIS
Evidence of some accents TWANGS
Fan site ATTIC
Festive GALA
GM news of 2010 IPO
Greek bread spread TAHINI
Heavens ETHER
Heavens SKY
Hiding place DEN
It may be underfoot INNERSOLE
Jeremy Irons in ”The Lion King” SCAR
King Kong opponent TREX
Listens carefully ATTENDS
Longfellow lover MINNEHAHA
Marked, in a way XEDIN
Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood ELWES
Nipper LAD
Not hot, perhaps SHADED
Of volcanic origin IGNEOUS
Olivier Award winner of 1981 CATS
Original co-owner of Disneyland ABC
Overcomes BEATS
Possible results of raptness GAPES
Presumptuous person SNIP
Prime time for oysters RMONTHS
Pulitzer winner for ”The Good War” TERKEL
Put down DIS
Put over SELL
Refusal of assistance NONEED
River followed by the Pony Express PLATTE
Shell filling TNT
Show fear, perhaps EMOTE
Something to rattle CAGE
Source of fast-acting carbs ENERGYBAR
Space starter CYBER
Spanish patron STTERESA
Surpassed ACEDOUT
They’re essential to a Dairy Queen ”Blizzard” OREOS
Ticket seller ARENA
Unfunded, as a research project ORPHAN
Union election agcy NLRB
Vaudeville staple MAGICACT
Water carrier of verse GUNGADIN
Went around in circles COILED
Willing to consider NOTABOVE
Won’t change STANDS

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