– Jun 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”1876” author VIDAL
”Heavens!” OHMY
”House” newsletter ORGAN
”In your dreams!” ASIF
’50s Ford EDSEL
’60s war zone NAM
1110, in old Rome MCX
Actress Spelling TORI
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Alternatively ELSE
Ancient Peruvian INCAN
Armada’s firepower CANNONS
Army helicopter APACHE
Attach, in a way SNAPON
Augment ADDTO
Barn-top device VANE
Benicio del Toro biopic CHE
Benjamin CNOTE
Blackjack table request HITME
Blood-bank stock TYPEA
Bran source OAT
Breadwinner EARNER
Certain East African SOMALI
Certain gym classes YOGAS
Charlemagne’s domain: Abbr HRE
Circle of chums COTERIE
Circus snack COTTONCANDY
Cleaver cousins MACHETES
Cockpit announcements ETAS
Cookie variety CHOCOLATECHIP
Dairy case selection COTTAGECHEESE
Dessert with coffee CRUMBCAKE
Dinghy movers OARS
Discuss, with ”over” HASH
Displays SHOWS
Diving gear SNORKEL
Egg portion YOLK
Elastic fabric LYCRA
Elongated swimmers EELS
Elvis’ middle name ARON
Entice LURE
Environmental sci ECOL
Experiments TESTS
Expert, so to speak MAVEN
Fabricate MAKE
Far from original BANAL
Fictional Karenina ANNA
Final Four org NCAA
Flatscreen ancestor CRT
Floor model DEMO
Footnote abbr ETAL
Free (of) RID
Frequently ALOT
From a supercontinent EURASIAN
Function ROLE
Gas-bill measures THERMS
Giant of Baroque music BACH
Goodyear’s headquarters AKRON
Greek goddess of wisdom ATHENA
Hard work TOIL
Hard-boiled film genre NOIR
Hemmed in, perhaps ATBAY
High point ACME
High-IQ group MENSA
Hubbub ADO
I, in Innsbruck ICH
Identical SAME
In the center of AMIDST
Includes in an e-mailing CCS
Italian innkeeper PADRONE
Jai __ ALAI
Japanese dog AKITA
Just like ALA
Large quantity SLEW
Laundry bottle BLEACH
Lloyd Webber score CATS
Local shop’s partners, perhaps MAANDPA
Maguire of ”Spider-Man” TOBEY
Massage RUB
Meat-and-potatoes dish STEW
Memorable Miami Dolphins coach SHULA
Merely ONLY
Michelangelo sculpture PIETA
Microwave alternative HOTPLATE
Minor mistake LAPSE
Mister in Madrid SENOR
Monogram of 51 Across’ inspiration TSE
Muse of astronomy URANIA
Naval noncom CPO
Nine-symbol message SOS
No. on an invoice ACCT
Nobel Prize physicist from Germany PLANCK
North Carolinians TARHEELS
Numbered hwys RTES
Numerical suffix TEEN
Opinion pieces ESSAYS
Persevered PUSHEDON
Pessimist NAYSAYER
Phrase of denial NOTME
Pool-table fabric FELT
Prayer ender AMEN
Pretentious ARTSY
Prince William alma mater ETON
Privy to INON
Remove, as a brooch UNPIN
Renewable fuel ETHANOL
Repeat verbatim ECHO
Resistance unit OHM
Restaurant freebie for tots CRAYONS
River of Spain EBRO
Russian dramatist Chekhov ANTON
Santa Claus, in the Moore poem ELF
Seafood serving CLAMSCASINO
Seafood serving CRACKEDCRAB
Seconds at the dinner table MORE
Serving on draught ALE
Since 1/1 YTD
Snow melter SUN
So all can hear ALOUD
Soccer cheer OLE
Soup veggies PEAS
Soupy canned veggie CREAMEDCORN
Southwestern gully ARROYO
Soybeans, coffee, etc CASHCROPS
Sports touring org PGA
Spotless CLEAN
State of mind TEMPER
States, in Montreal ETATS
Steak selection CENTERCUT
Stephen King’s first published novel CARRIE
Suggested subtly GOTAT
Take in the harvest REAP
Takes out a lease RENTS
The ”A” in ”CAT scan” AXIAL
Treaty PACT
Urban pollution SMOG
Vista VIEW
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Wanders (about) GADS
Web commerce ETAIL
Windshield sticker DECAL
Woodwind instrument OBOE
WWI French Army leader FOCH
Yahoo! alternative AOL

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