Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 13 2022 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Take __ from me!” ATIP
”Yikes!” OHNO
”You did a great job!” NICEGOING
Acknowledged the crowd WAVED
Active person DOER
Annoying person PEST
Army outposts FORTS
Backyard barbecue area PATIO
Bath powder ingredient TALC
Book of maps ATLAS
Children of deer FAWNS
Chooses, with ”for” OPTS
City with a harbor SEAPORT
Curved lines ARCS
Deep, as a voice LOW
Dies down ABATES
Dirty laundry holder HAMPER
Donkey ASS
Edible ice-cream holder CONE
Empty space GAP
End of a prayer AMEN
Farmland measure ACRE
Fill with dismay APPALL
First game of a series OPENER
Folktale collection LORE
General region AREA
Grain in sushi RICE
Have a meal EAT
Hold title to OWN
In excess of OVER
Kind of trophy LOVINGCUP
Largest Greek island CRETE
Lariat loop NOOSE
Lebanon neighbor SYRIA
Literary spoof SATIRE
London’s locale: Abbr ENG
Make confetti out of SHRED
Man of Spain SENOR
Methods WAYS
Mineral springs SPAS
Minor quarrel SPAT
NO TURN __ (traffic sign) ONRED
One from Italy’s capital ROMAN
Operatic solo ARIA
Parkas, sweaters, etc WARMCLOTHES
Pays out SPENDS
Pigsties PENS
Post-WWII alliance NATO
Religious faction SECT
Respond ANSWER
Ripped apart TORN
Roll to repair paper with TAPE
Secretly watch SPYON
Sharp point on a rose THORN
Show gratitude to THANK
Signals, as a taxi HAILS
Small lakes PONDS
Small songbird WREN
Soccer score GOAL
Sow’s squeal OINK
Spacious, as garages TWOCAR
Stared in wonder GAPED
Starting point for sledding HILLTOP
Takes to court SUES
Thanksgiving veggie SWEETPOTATO
Tiresome person BORE
Top poker cards ACES
Trifled (with) TOYED
Trophy or medal AWARD
Two-tone cookie OREO
Walk through a stream WADE
Ways of walking GAITS
Weed-chopping farm tool HOE
Zodiac ram ARIES
__ register (store’s machine) CASH
__ Scotia, Canada NOVA
__ were (so to speak) ASIT