– Jun 14 2018

Clues Answers
”American Hunter” publisher NRA
”Black-eyed” legume COWPEA
”Star Wars” mastermind LUCAS
Abrasion aftermath SCAB
Academic overseer DEAN
Achieve ATTAIN
Alien-hunting project SETI
Auto built in Bavaria AUDI
Bestowed distinction HONOR
Bottle at a barbecue SAUCE
Brainchild IDEA
Bush successor OBAMA
By way of VIA
Canada’s ”Gateway to the West” WINNIPEG
Cellared, as Sauvignon AGED
Chocolate source CACAO
Choice list MENU
Choice list BALLOT
Cluster of grass CLUMP
Comparatively unsteady WOBBLIER
Cough syrup amt TSP
Decelerate SLOW
Director Lee ANG
Ecology agcy EPA
Entertainment venue CINEMA
Eric Trump’s mom IVANA
ESPN licensee NCAA
Fast-talking GLIB
Fizzler DUD
Frat letter PHI
Global, for short INTL
Govt. interest-bearing instrument TNOTE
Halibut habitat OCEAN
Has markers out OWES
Heavy metal LEAD
Inert gas XENON
It may come before ”considered” ILL
Clues Answers
Jacques, in a kid’s song FRERE
Keystone State city ERIE
Lantern fuel KEROSENE
Made possible ENABLED
Manufacturing facility PLANT
Medical facility CLINIC
Mediterranean bread PITA
Mimicked APED
North American bird of prey REDTAILEDHAWK
North American duck BLUEWINGEDTEAL
Nutmeg State sch UCONN
Nutritional plan DIET
Oppose in competition MEET
Pal of Pooh OWL
Parma possessive MIO
Poolside stat DEPTH
Prevailing attitudes CLIMATE
Rubik of cubes ERNO
See 62 Across TAR
Shirts with slogans, often TEES
Signs of spoilage ODORS
Skewer SPIT
Small inlet COVE
Spinning AWHIRL
Start of the fourth qtr OCT
States further ADDS
Stick on AFFIX
Thick section of a dictionary ESSES
Tip of a plane NOSE
Tortilla sandwich TACO
Type of ski lift TBAR
Vaccine medium SERUM
Walgreens rival CVS
Western Hemisphere wading bird WHITEFACEDIBIS
What’s held in holds CARGO
With 44 Down, bat application PINE
Work on one’s whittling CARVE
World Series prelude: Abbr ALCS

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