– Jun 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Could you repeat?” WHAT
”Garfield” dog ODIE
”This American Life” airer NPR
”Wizard of Oz” dog TOTO
Adjust, as one’s cravat RETIE
African snakes ASPS
Aid in a crime ABET
Alamo defender Jim BOWIE
Angelic topper HALO
Assistant AIDE
Astronauts’ org NASA
Auction sale condition ASIS
Back of a ship STERN
Basic beliefs TENETS
Blender setting PUREE
Bullets, for short AMMO
Chairs and stools SEATS
Chew like a beaver GNAW
Climbing plant IVY
Close to NEAR
Courtroom activity TRIAL
Deceitful one LIAR
Devoured ATEUP
Divulging of a secret EXPOSURE
Does not exist ISNT
Domesticated TAME
Endure BEAR
Ensnare TRAP
Foolhardy RASH
Foolish person DOLT
Get angry SEETHE
Good for cutting SHARP
Hair untangler COMB
Hollywood headliner STAR
Immense VAST
Impolite look STARE
In the know HIP
Industrial tub VAT
Informal refusal UHUH
Land measure ACRE
List of printed mistakes ERRATA
Major happening EVENT
Makeup-removal accessory COTTONBALL
Matador’s opponent TORO
More recent NEWER
More than OVER
Neighborhood AREA
Offer at retail SELL
Opera solo ARIA
Part of some business addrs POBOX
Performing group CAST
Police department newcomer ROOKIE
Push rudely SHOVE
Ringlet of hair CURL
Sedans and convertibles AUTOS
Sixth sense, for short ESP
Sound portion of a broadcast AUDIO
Source of easy income GRAVYTRAIN
Sports cable channel ESPN
Stagecoach puller HORSE
Steel factory MILL
Swamp stalk REED
Takes in air BREATHES
Time to get coffee SHORTBREAK
Tops with frosting ICES
Traveler’s path ROUTE
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Turnpike payment TOLL
Valuable collection TROVE
What corporals call sergeants SIR
Where Indonesia is ASIA
Wide-awake ALERT
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Yellowstone bovine BISON
__ mater ALMA

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