Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”Can’t win this hand” IFOLD
”Lord of the Rings” being ELF
”Well, looky here!” OHO
”__ wrong?” AMI
Akihito affirmative HAI
An NL Central insignia STL
Apple that’s flat IPAD
Beast on California’s flag BEAR
Beast on Sri Lanka’s flag LION
Being pulled INTOW
Big Apple hub JFK
Body art, casually TATS
Book or film about Van Gogh LUSTFORLIFE
Boss at Valhalla ODIN
Bowling button RESET
Cardinal point EAST
Casual top TEE
Country club employee PRO
Crank (up) REV
Creation for a negotiation LISTOFDEMANDS
Destructive son of Zeus ARES
Dickinson preposition ERE
Dress detail SIZE
Drinks with juice ORANGEADES
Electrolux alternative HOOVER
EMT destinations ERS
Face up to MEET
Family friend, often PET
Head-slapper’s shout DOH
Home project cable channel DIY
Iconic publisher of filmdom KANE
Intersected MET
Intros to entrées APPS
James Bond, e.g BRITISHSPY
Line from Kipling LESTWEFORGET
Little fellow LAD
Mall facility LOSTANDFOUND
Matterhorn female EWE
Media conglomerate HEARST
Clues Answers
Minuscule amount IOTA
Mixed-veggies morsel PEA
Monty Python member CLEESE
Nothing at all NIL
Nothing at all ZERO
Olds auto REO
One asked to ”turn out the light” LASTTOLEAVE
One of the brass EXEC
Photo archive source UPI
Physicist Mach ERNST
Piece of admiration ODE
Place to board GATE
Plan, as mischief BREW
Play direction ENTER
Presses and folds KNEADS
Real dynamo DOER
Ring great ALI
Scottish John IAN
Seafood order SHRIMP
Seating arrangement ROW
Serious criminal FELON
Shareholders, for instance OWNERS
Singly EACH
Solemn assent AMEN
Soundproofing material FOAM
Square dance participant GAL
Starter like un- NON
Stone-skipping path ARC
Texas Revolution battle site ALAMO
Tolerate with great reluctance SUFFER
Toy with a tail KITE
Trounced, perhaps BEAT
Underground resource ORE
Unsophisticated one NAIF
Where subs are ordered SEAS
Wisecrack JAPE
Yellowish green OLIVE
Young person TEENER
__ time (workplace benefit) FLEX