– Jun 15 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Got it” ISEE
”In what way?” HOW
”__ it be?” (drink request) WHATLL
‘__ Miserables” LES
Actress Anderson LONI
Allow to use LEND
Antioxidant berry ACAI
AOL menu selection WRITEMAIL
Athletically slender LITHE
Bit of rain DROP
Bona fide REAL
Calm and collected SERENE
Canadian capital OTTAWA
Carpet calculations AREAS
Change now and then VARY
Creative thought IDEA
Did darning SEWED
Dispatched SENT
Escorted by WITH
Extended family CLAN
Fairway club IRON
Far-right part of a highway SLOWLANE
Finished-basement feature WETBAR
Fish-eating mammal OTTER
Footnote abbr ETAL
Forceful hits SWATS
Former Iranian ruler SHAH
From the top ANEW
Fuss in front of the mirror PREEN
Get into a novel READ
Glass square PANE
Gobbled up EATEN
Grass-skirt dance HULA
Hockey official REF
Honey handler BEE
Immaculate SPOTLESS
Karate blow CHOP
Kick out BOOT
Major troubles WOES
Mass-transit option LIGHTRAIL
Milliner’s inventory HATS
Moby-Dick, for one WHITEWHALE
Mr. Flintstone FRED
NBC weekend revue SNL
Negligent LAX
Obey, with ”by” ABIDE
Out of balance LOPSIDED
Pasta shape ELBOW
Peacock’s pride BRIGHTTAIL
Pigsty dweller SOW
Pipsqueaks TWERPS
Presented aloud ORAL
Remove the suds RINSE
Rings out TOLLS
River rental CANOE
Roof projection EAVE
Run into problems HITASNAG
Ship’s lockup BRIG
Singer Baker ANITA
Solemn promise OATH
Some T-shirts BVDS
Something to click on ICON
Speak wildly RAVE
Special glow AURA
Sphinx’s home EGYPT
Square-dance lass GAL
Steak specification RARE
Storage area ATTIC
Surfaces for surfers WAVES
Swampy area MIRE
Synagogue scroll TORAH
Take a 4 Down SWEAR
Too trusting NAIVE
Towering TALL
Treasure trove CACHE
Unruly crowd MOB
What a host picks up THETAB

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