– Jun 16 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
”Exodus” author URIS
”Humble” dwellings ABODES
”My turn!” IGO
”Toodles!” TATA
11/11 marcher VET
Always EVER
Animation collectible CEL
Banquet appetizer PASTASALAD
Be gaga over ADORE
Beginning of spring VERNALEQUINOX
Briny expanse SEA
Cereal topper, perhaps BANANA
Chinese tea CHA
Chow down EAT
City on the Arkansas River LITTLEROCK
Collector’s completion SET
Czech or Slovak SLAV
Deliver a tirade RANT
Doily trim LACE
Drop for a 10-count KAYO
Eclipse shadow UMBRA
English Derby town EPSOM
Fifth word of the Koran ALLAH
Fuji outflow LAVA
General vicinities AREAS
Get caught in __ ALIE
Granny NANA
Green veggie PEA
Gumption NERVE
Hangs in there LASTS
Have the role of ARE
Jambalaya ingredient RICE
Junk e-mail SPAM
Kids of boomers XERS
Line on a Harrod’s bill VALUEADDEDTAX
Low-lying area VALE
M __ ”mnemonic” ASIN
Major 2011 hurricane IRENE
Many a state name, in DC AVE
Metal sources ORES
Mideast airline ELAL
Neighbor of Ore IDA
Niacin, thiamine, etc VITAMINBCOMPLEX
Obedience school command SIT
Old hand PRO
Oodles ALOT
Opera solo ARIA
Prefix for legal PARA
Pulitzer author Walker ALICE
Rack and ruin HAVOC
Ray that swims MANTA
Recording studio effect ECHO
RNs’ workplaces ICUS
Road reversal, slangily UEY
Scrabble formation WORD
Send overnight, say SHIP
Set aside for now SHELVE
Some cell-phone messages TEXTS
Some lodge members ELKS
Soon, in poems ANON
Stud stakes POTS
Sudden burst SPATE
Sushi tuna AHI
Tailless cat MANX
Talk like Daffy Duck LISP
Target game SKEET
They start 68 Across ANTES
Throw in the towel QUIT
Took a gander at EYED
Trench maker SPADE
UN Day month OCT
Useful skill ASSET
Whole bunch SLEW
Yodeler’s perch ALP
Zodiac boundaries CUSPS
__ Cruces, NM LAS

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