– Jun 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
#2 baby girl’s name in 2020 EMMA
”. . . __ iron bars a cage” NOR
”My Life With the Chimpanzees” author GOODALL
20-volume ref. set OED
About 1% of the atmosphere ARGON
Analogous AKIN
Apply carelessly SLAPON
Article in ”Le Monde” UNE
Autocrats DESPOTS
Be brilliant STAR
Be situated LIE
Brink EVE
Certain meditator YOGI
Chase merger partner MORGAN
Combine, as resources POOL
Contend VIE
Contract details TERMS
Corporate shuffling, for short REORG
Country singer McCann LILA
Crescent-shaped BICORN
Crown prince, for one HEIR
Cul-__ DESAC
Delivered SENTOVER
Devastate RUIN
Disney film followed by ”Bambi” DUMBO
Doctrines ISMS
Does yard work MOWS
Drawing forth EDUCING
Drug cop NARCO
Dupont, in DC CIR
Early 10th-century date CMIII
Expose a secret BLAB
Eye color HAZEL
Flat tablet IPAD
French version of inc CIE
Gainesville athlete GATOR
Gather in REAP
Guiltless PURE
Handled adversity stoically DIDNTEVENFLINCH
Hardly __ of roses ABED
High-trajectory throws LOBS
Home of Saguaro Natl. Park ARIZ
Hot fashion RAGE
Imminent NEAR
Immune system defenders TCELLS
In another direction AWAY
Jet Propulsion Lab org NASA
Left speechless INAWE
Legendary explorer LEIF
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Making a phone easier to hear TURNINGUPVOLUME
Marla predecessor IVANA
More sedate SOBERER
Mythical ship ARGO
Ordeal TRIAL
Overalls material DENIM
Resort with springs SPA
Salesperson’s motto ALWAYSBECLOSING
Secluded road BYSTREET
Shelter org SPCA
Showtime sister station TMC
Sit-up beneficiaries ABS
Source of fine yarn LLAMA
Stick close to TAIL
Stripling YOUTH
Succotash morsel LIMA
Suffix like -ity ANCE
Sunscreen ingredient MACADAMIANUTOIL
Take quickly, with ”up” SNAP
Topography TERRAIN
UCLA degree offering MBA
Unique SOLE
Victor of 2008 OBAMA
What ”notre” means OUR
What tree rings indicate AGE
Where Whitehorse is capital YUKON

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