Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”Darn it!” DRAT
”Now it’s clear!” ISEE
”Wish you __ here” WERE
”__ the night before Christmas . . .” TWAS
A Great Lake ERIE
Act boldly DARE
Adjust, as an alarm clock RESET
Appear to be SEEM
Aromas ODORS
Bert’s ”Sesame Street” pal ERNIE
British bye-byes TATAS
Changes the colors of DYES
Cob of corn EAR
Facts and figures, for short INFO
Factually correct TRUE
Fairy-tale monster OGRE
Film segment SCENE
Flagmaker Betsy ROSS
Flower stalk STEM
Frozen-food entrée with a crust POTPIE
Fruits pressed to make New Year’s Eve bubbly CHAMPAGNEGRAPES
Gas in scuba tanks OXYGEN
Get ready (for) GEARUP
Grant permission for ALLOW
Having no ethics AMORAL
Heroic tale EPIC
Historical periods ERAS
Honking birds GEESE
Hydrant attachment HOSE
Impulsive RASH
Impulsive idea WHIM
In this location HERE
Jokingly INFUN
Knight’s metallic suit ARMOR
Ladder rung STEP
Lamb’s mom EWE
Letter before tee ESS
Letters after L MNOP
Line of stitches on pants SEAM
Clues Answers
Lock tight SECURE
Major blood vessel AORTA
Makes a mistake ERRS
Neck of the woods AREA
Nevada city RENO
Not at home OUT
Opera solo ARIA
Placed PUT
Planes’ takeoff approximations: Abbr ETDS
Propel a bicycle PEDAL
Pub order ALE
Roof overhang EAVE
Run up, as debts INCUR
Sculpture of a body TORSO
Segment PART
Small souvenirs TOKENS
Snoop (around) NOSE
Spaghetti or macaroni PASTA
Suffix for luncheon ETTE
Sweet tropical fruit MANGO
Take a snooze SLEEP
Theater stage accessories PROPS
Therefore HENCE
They’re pressed to go up in office buildings ELEVATORBUTTONS
They’re pressed with a steam iron WRINKLEDCLOTHES
Thing of value ASSET
Ties up to a pier MOORS
Trade fair, for short EXPO
Trooper’s speed-checking device RADAR
Turf-gripping shoes CLEATS
Twangy, as a voice NASAL
Twin city to Minneapolis STPAUL
Underwater vessel, for short SUB
Unlock OPEN
Veggie in a pod PEA
Winnie-the-__ POOH
Wise ones SAGES
Written promise to pay IOU
Your and my OUR