Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 18 2019

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Clues Answers
”Boston” side dish BAKEDBEANS
”Forty Thieves” adversary ALIBABA
”I want you to leave” PLEASEGO
”Now it makes sense” ISEE
”We __ please!” AIMTO
A wee hr ONEAM
Adverse fate DOOM
Affirm AVER
Alpine apex PEAK
America’s Uncle SAM
Armed conflicts WARS
Artifact RELIC
Band’s booking GIG
Barbecue GRILL
Be unwell AIL
Beasts that see Goldilocks BEARS
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Boulders STONES
Breadwinner EARNER
Catch, as a criminal NAB
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Crunchy salad topping BACONBITS
Dark-colored bouillon BEEFBROTH
Energy PEP
Engine speed gauge, briefly TACH
Fabric damage TEAR
Farm storage tower SILO
Female singers ALTOS
Fictional Karenina ANNA
Freeloader BUM
Gas in store signs NEON
Give off EMIT
Glitter on Christmas trees TINSEL
Going __ (bickering) ATIT
Good __ (fully repaired) ASNEW
Group of experts PANEL
Illuminated LIT
Intended MEANT
Jewelry, slangily BLING
Leaning Tower city PISA
Letter after jay KAY
Make a duplicate of COPY
Makes a mistake ERRS
Makeup smudge SMEAR
Medicinal brews HERBTEAS
Minor mistake SLIP
Misfortune WOE
Money-back offer REBATE
Musical about Mrs. PerĂ³n EVITA
Occupy the throne REIGN
On __ (burning) FIRE
Phi __ Kappa BETA
Pie __ mode ALA
Pooches DOGS
Praiseful poems ODES
Prayer closer AMEN
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Price COST
Printing error, for short TYPO
Repairs with cellophane TAPES
Resort with hot springs SPA
Response to ”Am not!” ARESO
Side of a doorway JAMB
Starts in on HASAT
Stretch before exercising LIMBERUP
Submarine navigation aid SONAR
Timid quality MEEKNESS
Tokyo’s land JAPAN
Triangular traffic sign YIELD
Typical Saudi ARAB
Unfinished NOTDONE
Vicinity AREA
Walking stick CANE
Watches closely EYES
Wear away ERODE
Whole wheat loaf BROWNBREAD
Women’s org. on the links LPGA
__ time (never) ATNO