Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 2 2019

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Clues Answers
”C’est la vie!” ALAS
”Cool” rapper ICET
”Height” prefix ACRO
”Imagine that!” GEE
”Nope” UHUH
”Rubber Duckie” Muppet ERNIE
”That’s a lie!” UNTRUE
”That’s a surprise!” OHO
”Time to take out the roast” ITSDONE
”__ Reader” (alt-press mag) UTNE
”__ the thing . . .” HERES
A second time AGAIN
Actuarial figure AGE
Amorous rogue CASANOVA
Approach sneakily SIDLE
Big blow SWAT
Big dollop GOB
Board, in hospitality MEALS
Buffer area: Abbr DMZ
Burden ONUS
Caesar’s phrase of surprise ETTU
Carlo __ wine ROSSI
Changed the decor of REDID
Chart topper HITSONG
Chaucerian creations TALES
City between Sioux City and Kansas City OMAHA
City newspaper section METRO
Classification above species SUBGENUS
Common ’50s headline nickname IKE
Common quote tag SHAK
D.C. setting in winter EST
Dashboard letters MPH
Days long gone YORE
Don’t quite make it JUSTMISS
Drink, informally BEV
Elvis’ big-break record label RCA
Exam for college seniors GRE
F __ (certain test choices) ORT
Fabric flaw RIP
Fancified, with ”up” DOLLED
Feathery pillow filling EIDER
First opened: Abbr ESTD
First step towards a patent IDEA
Former Jordanian queen NOOR
Genesis grandson ENOS
GI address APO
Glass-half-empty type CYNIC
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Half of ”dos” UNO
Hamiltons TENSPOTS
Hathaway of film ANNE
Having the jitters EDGY
Helpful info TIPS
Hotshot pilot TOPGUN
In a frenzy AMOK
In stock ONHAND
iPhone mastermind JOBS
Irish actor Stephen REA
Japan’s region EASTASIA
Labyrinth king of myth MINOS
Made no changes STOODPAT
Manhattan sch NYU
Marsh grass REED
Menu master CHEF
Munch Museum city OSLO
Nest on a cliff AERIE
Nonexistent NIL
Not fond of mingling SHY
Not worth the gamble TOORISKY
Once cost WAS
Oscar role for Forest IDI
Pastoral poem IDYL
Persia, presently IRAN
Picnic bring-alongs UTENSILS
Pointer-to-thumb gestures OKS
Positive shift UPTURN
Potation with pub grub ALE
Pre-deal payment ANTE
Preliminary race HEAT
President before Buchanan PIERCE
Printer resolution letters DPI
Proverbial best friend DOG
Public speaker’s concern EYECONTACT
Pursue relentlessly HOUND
Put a new label on RENAME
Puts down grass SODS
Rather dark DUSKY
Reagan cabinet member HAIG
Remorseless INHUMAN
Retreat in a desert OASIS
Roof angles HIPS
Sandy souvenir SEASHELL
Sch. near Hartford UCONN
Scrabble one-pointer UTILE
Selfie expression SMILE
Set apart ENISLE
Shoo-__ (sure things) INS
Short comedy SKIT
Showily stylish ARTY
Single-strand molecule RNA
Sled dogs HUSKIES
Slithery reptiles ASPS
Small cave GROTTO
Smartphone predecessor PDA
Solar energy collectors PANELS
Sort of brittle bread MATZO
Soul singer LaBelle PATTI
Sparsely populated RURAL
Sports gear to wax SKIS
Straining-to-lift sound GRUNT
Submarine designation USS
Swimming motions LEGKICKS
Tabula ___ (clean slate) RASA
Take effect SETIN
Talk-show subdivision SEGMENT
Tennessee team VOLS
Tofu bean, to Brits SOYA
Too small to be comfy TIGHT
Totaling INALL
Traffic court attendee SPEEDER
Travels (to) GOES
Two foursomes OCTET
Two-choice question YESNO
Unspecified degree NTH
Vibration sound HUM
Walks with attitude STRUTS
Weblog feed format: Abbr RSS
Weeds used for wines DANDELIONS
What a pet leaves a print of PAW
Where Ft. Wayne is IND
Workplace for counselors CAMP
Yoga master GURU
Yours-for-mine deals TRADES
__ chi (martial art) TAI
__ dish (lab container) PETRI
__ station (brunch setup) OMELET