Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 20 2018

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Clues Answers
”. . . happily __ after” EVER
”Buy It Now” website EBAY
”Dear Sir or __ . . .” MADAM
”Gotcha” ISEE
”Pygmalion” playwright SHAW
”That’s too bad” ALAS
Appears ominously LOOMS
Ascend RISE
Atlas closeup INSET
Attorneys’ staffers LEGALASSISTANTS
Aussie leaper ROO
Baggage-screening org TSA
Band’s booking GIG
Be untruthful LIE
Bikini top BRA
Boxing punch JAB
Burrito’s shell TORTILLA
By oneself SOLO
Bylaws, for short REGS
Camel’s Peruvian cousin LLAMA
Cash in Tokyo YEN
City in Quebec MONTREAL
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Conk on the head BOP
Cruel MEAN
Devoured EATEN
Director Woody ALLEN
Donkey ASS
Elementary school staffers TEACHERSAIDES
Exotic jelly flavor GUAVA
Facts and figures DATA
Feathered missile DART
Female choristers ALTOS
Formation-flying birds GEESE
Genealogy chart TREE
Ginnie __ (mortgage agency) MAE
Height: Abbr ALT
Horse controller REIN
Identical SAME
Clues Answers
Indiana portrayed by Harrison Ford JONES
Is able to CAN
Is very fond of LOVES
Line on a list ITEM
Loud and bold BRASSY
Make less complicated EASE
Make public AIR
Melody TUNE
Mideast airline ELAL
Modify AMEND
Nebraska city OMAHA
Newspaper classifieds ADS
North Pole staffers SANTASHELPERS
Not quite right AMISS
Oktoberfest dance POLKA
Performance with sopranos OPERA
Pickle herb DILL
Prayer’s last word AMEN
Purple flower LILAC
Quarterback who’s throwing PASSER
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Scratch up MAR
Search for successfully LOCATE
Seasoned vet OLDPRO
Ship’s emergency signal SOS
Skin openings PORES
Some Pennsylvania Dutch AMISH
Squirrels away SAVES
Suffix meaning ”inhabitant” ITE
Too demanding BOSSY
Took the wheel DROVE
Triple-decker cookies OREOS
Urban rd AVE
Was aware of KNEW
Wine sediments DREGS
Wise advisors SAGES
Wood-shaping tool LATHE
Workplaces for surgeons: Abbr ORS
__ Lee cakes SARA