– Jun 21 2018

Clues Answers
”Dude!” BRO
”I’m fine as I am” LETMEBE
”Pale” brew ALE
”Slumdog Millionaire” star PATEL
”Were you watching?” SEETHAT
”You bested me” ILOSE
Admin. __ ASST
Any ship SHE
Attentive ALERT
Author Tolstoy LEO
Bagpiper’s accessory TAM
Besides which ALSO
Bit of physics ION
Bonus quantity BAKERSDOZEN
Certain parlor supply TATTOOINK
Co. officers VPS
Competitive sword swinger EPEEIST
Construction zone marker CONE
Contents of some cans OIL
Cube creator Rubik ERNO
Deprived (of) BEREFT
Do a disservice to HARM
Family nickname MAMA
Favored pupil TEACHERSPET
Field of combat ARENA
Fish hawk OSPREY
Fizzle out END
Flotation device VEST
Fully stretched TAUT
Gallery event ARTSALE
Good to go READY
Hardwood tree ASH
Hoe target WEED
Hoe target EARTH
Homer Simpson’s dad ABE
It may be educated GUESS
Italian cheese city PARMA
Kiddie song conclusion EIEIO
Large data transmission measure TERABIT
Clues Answers
LAX announcement ETA
Lit a bit DIM
Make some waves SWIM
Melville mariner AHAB
Nautical measure KNOT
Not moving INERT
Novelist’s bane WRITERSBLOCK
Nut-bearing tree HAZEL
Old-style ”dude” MAC
Outdoor wedding rentals TENTS
Overplayed it EMOTED
Part of AD ANNO
Portray ARE
Prefix like pre- ANTE
Raw resource ORE
Really jumping BUSY
Revolutionary councils JUNTAS
Ring stats KOS
Rubber sealer GASKET
Set to assemble KIT
Shopper’s consideration BRANDNAME
Short work day BANKERSHOURS
Short-tempered TESTY
Six-sided state UTAH
Sleep aid 34 Down AMBIEN
Slender instrument OBOE
Sneaker part TOE
Some grilled sandwiches MELTS
Sort of hard roll BAGEL
Split to unite ELOPE
Spurts of water JETS
Stops bothering LAYSOFF
Till bill ONE
Tiny and troublesome ELFIN
Tugboat’s service TOW
Two-dimensional spaces AREAS
Unscrupulous DIRTY
What GPs pay dues to AMA
Whom the RNC represents GOP

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