Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 22 2018

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Clues Answers
”Yeah, right!” ASIF
’70s gaming pioneer ATARI
Alabama/Georgia river CHATTAHOOCHEE
Arrive unnoticed SLIPIN
Ascended ARISEN
Asian nation suffix STAN
Auction add-on FEE
Auditory receptor EAR
Be goggling STARE
Beautifies oneself PREENS
Beehive Stater UTAHN
Board flaws WARPS
Bring back to the team REHIRE
Burning LIT
Caribou cousin MOOSE
Central American nation name COSTA
Certain incisor TUSK
Coffee shop kin TEAHOUSE
Creative technique ART
Crushes a challenge ACESIT
Detroit River’s terminus ERIE
Diet-friendly, informally LOCAL
Edible shell TACO
Engraving on some keys KAPPA
Folder filler EMAILS
Following the plan ONCOURSE
Food for some bats NECTAR
Frontier house material SOD
German winged one ENGEL
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Home of Oberlin OHIO
Inclination SLANT
Indy Jones’ phobia SNAKES
Joint mishaps SPRAINS
Clues Answers
Keeping cool COMPOSED
Latter-day mapping element GENE
LBJ, circa 1955 SEN
Lunar phenomenon MOONSET
Magnolia State MISSISSIPPI
Make certain ENSURE
Mechanical learning ROTE
Member of the daisy family ASTER
Mind set MOOD
Minute quantity ATOM
Miserly behavior HOARDING
Most recent LAST
Noshes noisily CHOMPS
Paragon of grace CLASSACT
Periphery EDGE
Pizzeria offering HERO
Rt. hand ASST
Sedimentary energy source OILSHALE
Sent back, for short RETD
Serpentine SINUOUS
Sierra Nevada city RENO
Spot near 16 Across TAHOE
Stuff very well CRAM
Sweetie HON
Text, for instance MESSAGE
Three-syllable berry ACAI
Unoriginal one APER
Upright position STANCE
Ursine weapons CLAWS
US Women’s Open group LPGA
Vague feeling NOTION
Very much LOTS
Was unpleasantly odorous REEKED
What many people go back to NATURE
What Nash rhymed with ”meals” EELS
__ while INA