Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 23 2018

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Clues Answers
”Defy Jack Frost” liquid brand PRESTONE
”This statement is false,” e.g LIARPARADOX
’50s fad material COONSKINS
Abbr. on KICKSTART drink cans MTN
Ancient llama rider INCAN
Arrived barefoot, perhaps STOLEIN
Backing AID
Becomes pointed TAPERS
Billie Jean in ”Battle of the Sexes” EMMA
Bit of friction SPAT
Cabin builders’ need AXES
Challenges at Atlanta’s Petit Le Mans ESSES
Cost of living, for many RENT
Covers all TREATS
Crash __ TEST
Difficult tests ORDEALS
Directional abbr ATTN
Expound with pomp PONTIFICATE
Eye-opener PIP
Fiber competitor DSL
Flavoring essential to pharmaceuticals MACE
Fluency EASE
Forceful impression WALLOP
Germany, Bohemia, Italy, etc HRE
Group outside the class system AUTODIDACTS
Hershey-based entrepreneur REESE
Ingredient in eco-friendly scrubbers COB
Inspiration for a Marvel superhero ANT
Inventor with a Central Park statue since 1871 MORSE
It’s right in England PASSINGLANE
Its first governing board included Madison and Monroe UVA
Justin Trudeau, by birth OTTAWAN
Kicker LEG
Make calm ASSURE
Make manifest EVINCE
Clues Answers
Meadowland SWARD
More refined COURTLIER
Mugs much too much OVEREMOTES
One in a string band? MARIONETTE
Ovid’s ”rest of nature” SLEEP
Panel discussion VIPs DAS
Petition URGE
Plucked out of the air SPEARED
Positions on mats ASANAS
Printed ltr. responders EDS
Raise a flap, say AVIATE
Red part of a Mary Poppins costume TIE
Refuse to submit FIGHT
Retriever’s gait LOPE
Sensation SMASH
Sentiment of sincerity ICARE
Sign to start CUE
Site of the first Winter Olympics ALPS
Small vessel VIAL
Some people ONES
Surname derived from Frankfurt’s region HESS
Tepee material HIDE
They’re talked to ADDRESSEES
Tip of a hockey stick TOE
Train on AIMAT
Turkey dinner MOUSSAKA
Universal Studios tour stop BATESMOTEL
Vietnamese for ”festival” TET
What GM’s Sonic succeeded AVEO
What many a photographer has been awarded MFA
When pupils may be unfocused FREEPERIOD
With a new password RESET
Won in the shortest possible series SWEPT
Word on the state capital list PIERRE
Word on the state capital list DES
__ stars SEE