Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 25 2018

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Clues Answers
”Hey, you!” whisper PSST
”Santa __” (ship of Columbus) MARIA
”__ Baba and the Forty Thieves” ALI
”__ it or leave it!” TAKE
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Angel’s topper HALO
Aviation prefix AERO
Be worthy of EARN
Beauty treatment for forehead and cheeks FACIAL
Begins a round of golf TEESOFF
Bit of makeup DAB
Boot out EVICT
Builder of a 47 Across BIRD
Burst, as a balloon POP
By oneself SOLO
Competitive benefits ADVANTAGES
Creative thought IDEA
Did work on a loom WOVE
Dutch cheeses EDAMS
Eve’s spouse ADAM
Fail to include OMIT
Female parents, informally MAMAS
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Fourth-year college student SENIOR
Get a glimpse of SEE
Gets to one’s feet STANDS
Goldilocks sat in his big chair PAPABEAR
Has a meal EATS
Hatchling’s tree home NEST
Have on WEAR
Hertz competitor AVIS
High regard ADMIRATION
Horse-stopping shout WHOA
Initial poker payment ANTE
Julius Caesar garment TOGA
Keep out of sight HIDE
Lamb’s dad RAM
Leisurely running pace TROT
Clues Answers
Like very much ADORE
Mailbox opening SLOT
Metallic rocks ORES
Mickey Mouse or Bart Simpson TOON
New York baseball team METS
Not as much LESS
Of the highest quality BEST
Off the leash LOOSE
Perfume bottle VIAL
Permission to enter ADMITTANCE
Place a meal on the table SERVE
Place where ships dock PIER
Planetarium roof DOME
Plunged headfirst into water DOVE
Point a weapon toward AIMAT
Posed a question ASKED
Prevent, as danger AVERT
Resulted in LEDTO
Scatter all around STREW
Serving of corn EAR
Soprano’s operatic piece ARIA
Start occupying, as a house MOVEINTO
Stopped doing CEASED
Talk out of DETER
Tell on someone TATTLE
Tie up, as a ship MOOR
Tucker out TIRE
Uses rod and reel FISHES
Valentine’s Day flower ROSE
Warm and cozy SNUG
Wide shoe width EEE
Window covering DRAPE
Wipe a chalkboard ERASE
With no additive PURE
Yacht race REGATTA
__ and rave RANT
__ Says (kids’ game) SIMON
__ tube (donut-shaped pool toy) INNER