Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
”Me, myself __” ANDI
”Vamoose!” GIT
700, in Roman numerals DCC
A pair of TWO
Alan of ”M*A*S*H” ALDA
All over again ANEW
Alphabet openers ABC
Amount of medicine DOSE
Army ”Relax!” command ATEASE
Back-in-style fashion RETRO
Banquet host EMCEE
Bit of hair gel DAB
Bread often served at breakfast SLICESOFTOAST
Capital of Peru LIMA
Cat’s scratcher CLAW
Chili con __ CARNE
Convertible or coupe AUTO
da Vinci of the Renaissance LEONARDO
Decisive defeat ROUT
Designer Cassini OLEG
Doorbell sound RING
Drain stopper PLUG
Entertainer Midler BETTE
Farm storage building SILO
Feeling under the weather ILL
Film excerpt SCENE
Film performer ACTOR
Fireplace residue ASHES
Forget-me-__ NOT
Former furnace fuel COAL
Group of ship’s workers CREW
Group’s philosophy SCHOOLOFTHOUGHT
Guiding principle CREDO
Hunk of bacon SLAB
In the open air OUTDOORS
Jury member PEER
Justice Dept. agency FBI
Location SITE
Clues Answers
Look at SEE
Mark on a Dalmatian SPOT
Mature enough OFAGE
Modify, as legislation AMEND
Money in France and Spain EURO
Normal routine SWINGOFTHINGS
Not fooled by ONTO
Not yet fulfilled, as goals UNMET
Overdue LATE
Package of bread LOAF
Pantry invaders ANTS
Peacock-logo network NBC
Period after sunset NIGHT
Plane’s height: Abbr ALT
Pub missile DART
Pungent slice on a burger ONION
Religious doctrine DOGMA
Rhythm-and-blues music SOUL
Ripped (up) TORE
Round Table knight LANCELOT
Rowboat implements OARS
Sand hill DUNE
Session in the tub BATH
Sign of the future OMEN
Skeptical remark IBET
Sound of a giggle TEHEE
Sour-tasting TART
Spanish cheer OLE
Speaks hoarsely RASPS
Strains, as flour SIFTS
Sugary SWEET
The Stars and Stripes FLAG
Ventilate AIR
Voice quality TONE
What headphones cover EARS
Windshield sticker DECAL
Witty comeback RETORT
__ about (approximately) ONOR
__-fashioned (quaint) OLD