Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 28 2018

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Clues Answers
”Gotcha” ISEE
”Humble” residence ABODE
’70s superstar singers BEEGEES
A year in Montréal ANNEE
African primates APES
After-tax TAKEHOME
AL East city, for short BALTO
Bach’s genre BAROQUE
Beseeches BEGS
Blended family member STEPSON
Blog post ENTRY
Bogart adversary in ”Casablanca” GREENSTREET
Check out TEST
Comedian called ”The Entertainer” CEDRIC
Compass reading ENE
Courtroom figure STENO
Dressed like a storied piper PIED
EMTs’ destinations ERS
Extremely small ATOMIC
Flow with force SPEW
Food ingested DIET
For the most part LARGELY
Great bulk HEFT
Green land ERIN
Group to be auctioned LOT
Gym dance PROM
Gymnastic Comaneci NADIA
Harmonize SYNC
Informal greeting HOWDO
Ingest EAT
Inn stock ALE
Intention AIM
Justice Kagan ELENA
Key TV ratings period SWEEPSWEEK
King’s reign, for instance ERA
Knighted two-Oscar actor CAINE
Looney Tunes skunk PEPE
Low digits TOES
Mandated: Abbr REQ
Clues Answers
Many 33 Across attendees: Abbr SRS
MI-based AFL-CIO affiliate UAW
Native Arizonan HOPI
Needle verbally TEASE
New staff HIREES
News bits ITEMS
Nostalgic film channel TCM
Not budging FIRM
Not budging SET
Objects to MINDS
Part of Ohio’s border ERIE
Patriotic rendition ANTHEM
Podded plant OKRA
Poetic preposition ERE
Puppy sound YIP
Put down, as a rebellion QUASH
Puts away STORES
Rambles around without constraints FREEWHEELS
Ready, as a red carpet UNROLL
Reddish-brown horse SORREL
Scrape (out) EKE
Share the emceeing COHOST
Shelley selections ODES
Shoot the breeze CHAT
Shut up SEAL
Signal callers, for short QBS
Slip-up ERROR
Slow throw LOB
Some of a VP’s staff ASSTS
Stays idly by LOITERS
Tea variety CHAI
Toon caveman FRED
Traditional loud approval THREECHEERS
Unproductive procedure DEADEND
Urban fleet BUSES
Vast amounts SEAS
Verizon’s ISP AOL
Winter wear EARMUFFS
__ butter (moisturizer) SHEA