Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 28 2019

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Clues Answers
”Fly-Fight-Win” org USAF
”Peanuts” sound effect BONK
”__ a stinker?”: Bugs Bunny AINTI
2018 erupter ETNA
Accept blame TAKETHERAP
Airy snack RICECAKE
Author named for Amundsen DAHL
Available OPEN
Batman creator KANE
Be inclined TILT
Big name in recent Laker history KOBE
Bloom drawn by O’Keeffe IRIS
By-product of shoveling PILE
Cause of many a shirt stain LEAKYPEN
Ceremonial promise IDO
Cherry, for example RED
Chore list heading TODO
Cleverly done NEAT
Common shower liner TILE
Congo’s new group OPEC
Correspondingly ALIKE
Descriptor for a billion TENDIGIT
Do harm to INJURE
Doctor creator of a newborn test APGAR
Doctor Montessori MARIA
Don’t bother LETITBE
Durable rope fiber HEMP
Easy to access CONVENIENT
Enjoy the taste of SAVOR
Expanse traversed by Polo GOBI
Family nickname SIS
Food with a stone PEACH
Furnace passage FLUE
G.I.’s address APO
Garfield pal ODIE
Genesis 2 setting EDEN
Good news in an eBay 31 Down YOUWON
Gripping recounting TALE
Gulf States title EMIR
Hangout for Homer MOES
Instruction for batters STIR
Invite to a penthouse ASKUP
Is important enough for RATES
Lays into RIPS
Melancholy murmur SIGH
Mental seed IDEA
Microbrew bottle ALE
Modern memo EMAIL
Morning ender NOON
Most liquid of assets CASH
Much more than fond GAGA
Northwest city once a mining camp BUTTE
Oil in many perfumes ATTAR
Overweeningly TOO
Page sent online EFAX
Poetic adverb ANON
Preserved KEPT
Risk a host’s wrath COMELATE
Semi compartment CAB
Seor’s ”Stop!” ALTO
Six-sided, for short HEX
Skin specialty, for short DERM
Small band TRIO
Snack imprinted with its name OREO
Soap opera plot device AMNESIA
Sour-tasting ACERB
Suite spot HOTEL
TBonz Treats brand ALPO
Teeming RIFE
Try and mislead LIETO
Unpleasant job ONUS
Water carrier PAIL
What blank verse lacks RHYME