Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 29 2018

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Clues Answers
”Damage” PRICE
”The Last Frontier” ALASKA
”Wanna bet?” OHYEAH
A euro predecessor PESETA
About 62 DEE
Airing ONTV
Albertan resort BANFF
Annual Carnival locale RIO
Any of a fluffy trio SMALLF
Attends ISAT
Beethoven’s only opera FIDELIO
Before now AGO
Boom Technology products on order for NASA SSTS
Bow (out) OPT
Bulldog booster ELI
Burns’ farmer TAM
Cartoony exclamation OOF
Cartoony exclamation BAM
Contemporary of Bela and Boris LON
Emulate electrons SPIN
Ending like -arian EER
Exemplar of tragic treachery IAGO
Farm mom DAM
Fictional Quaker captain AHAB
Former B’nai B’rith org ADL
French lily LYS
Gasp, perhaps INHALE
Gather up COLLECT
Gazes at OGLES
Least typical ODDEST
Letters associated with Silver RLS
Life of leisure EASE
Lotion letters SPF
Low-tech server TRAY
Lower oneself STOOP
Mecca pilgrimage HADJ
Minimality metaphor HILLOFBEANS
Much of the lunar surface DUST
Clues Answers
Nursery supply SOD
Of the season ESTIVAL
Old-time investigator TEC
Part 2 of quote ICANTHITA
Part 3 of quote BALL
Part 4 of quote THATSJUST
Part of a ”101 Dalmatians” surname VIL
Play Store software APPS
Prevent from progressing STYMIE
Pro Bowl team AFC
Proven in the lab TESTED
Public house serving ALE
Roasting direction BASTE
Series whose theme song was ”Who Are You” CSI
Showing no warmth at all STONILY
Slow leak of a sort DRIP
Small-scale MINI
Smartly discerning WISE
Snug spot NEST
Some ferry stops ISLES
South Pacific formation ATOLL
Specialized idiom ARGOT
Start of a Willie Mays quote ICANTBELIEVE
Subject of the quote GOLF
Subterranean resource ORE
Tom’s comment HISS
Tom’s comments MEOWS
Tree-filled WOODED
Two-way word like ”shalom” ALOHA
Usher in ADMIT
Various OPEC ministers ARABS
War zone SECTOR
Wet blanket SNOW
What bells confirm KOS
What umbrellas often top PINACOLADAS
Winter warmer HOTTEA
Word before rack or tack TIE