Crossword Puzzle Info – Jun 30 2018

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Clues Answers
”Daughters of Eve” genre HERSTORY
”Examine carefully” advisory ASIS
”Jambalaya” girlfriend YVONNE
”Just because” fun LARK
”The Raven” adverb EVERMORE
”West Wing” nickname JED
”Yesterday” ATONCE
”__ Land” (2018 book on particle physics) ATOM
A number for December NOEL
Antonym of ”extend” LESSEN
Apt rhyme for ”abide” RESIDE
Audience size, in ratings lingo REACH
Bermuda, essentially ISLES
Comparatively intense EDGIER
Complaining copiously VOCAL
Delivered from 64 Down REDEEMED
Digress STRAY
Director coworker EDITOR
Doesn’t have OMITS
Element in Teflon FLUORINE
Emporia MARTS
Estimation/determination difference ERROR
Evil activity SIN
Exert energy ACT
Extends an appointment for RENAMES
Extremely extended stretch EON
Fast-spreading fad MEME
Film with Chris Rock as a mosquito BEEMOVIE
Get too hot STEW
Gets too hot SWELTERS
Half of a good-and-evil pair DRJEKYLL
Heavy metal brackets ANDIRONS
Hero in red and blue, affectionately SPIDEY
Improve by alteration DOCTOR
It can sound like a long time ago YOURE
Jam mishap SMEAR
Clues Answers
Key of the 007 theme EMINOR
Kublai Khan conquest KOREA
Latter-day deals ETAIL
Liam’s industrialist OSKAR
Loopy product VELCRO
Make easy for further research LINKTO
Medal-worthy INTREPID
MLB nickname DBACKS
Much formal wear RENTALS
NFL nickname NINERS
Nipper LAD
Not as ordinary KOOKIER
Occupational term popularized by ”Carmen” TOREADOR
Opinion piece TRACT
Overnight acronym REM
Pack __ RAT
Present for inspection, with ”out” TROT
Reduction process SLIMMING
Scrammed LEFT
See 59 Down PRO
Send forth EMIT
Settle in for the night ROOST
Sort of admission fee ANTE
They often run about an hour TENKS
They run more than three hours for seniors SATS
They’re depicted on New Zealand dollars KIWIS
They’re handmade CRAFTS
Training metaphor ROPES
United Artists’ first film hero ZORRO
Up to one’s ankles, perhaps SHALLOW
Upscale emporium SALON
Wailing warning SIREN
With 62 Down, certain part-time payee SEMI
With price no object LAVISH
Without harm SCOTFREE
Word from the German for ”substitute” ERSATZ