– Mar 10 2018

Clues Answers
”. . . unaccustomed to the __ of arms”: Washington DIN
”Don’t __!” PEEK
1981 film with Napoleon and Robin Hood TIMEBANDITS
A lawn might cover it ONEACRE
Abominable LOATHED
Activity in Elvis’ ”Blue Hawaii” HULA
Alpha __ (first U.S. sorority) DELTAPI
Antonym of ”aggravate” RELIEVE
Beneficiaries of a 1982 U.S. immigration act AMERASIANS
Blasts from above GALES
Book end LET
Brand competing with Opti-Free RENU
Calls and sees, in a way SKYPES
Congregational LAIC
Convivial FUN
Cords and such APPAREL
Court weapons Forehands
Cream alternative ECRU
Cream __ ALE
Data field ANALYTICS
Diplomatic desire THAW
Due processes? CHILDBIRTHS
Enjoy a kiss, say EAT
Fictional painter watcher TOMSAWYER
Foal, perhaps ASS
Forgo fairness PLAYDIRTY
Forward RESEND
Garfield, notably IDLER
Gum, to some CHAW
Half a ’90s Vegas duo ROY
Inflation stat PSI
It increases after a deal POT
Clues Answers
It’s across a gulf from Pakistan OMAN
It’s no trouble SNAP
It’s seen in Seurat’s ”Sunday Afternoon . . .” SEINE
Like some thoughts DEEP
Literally, ”assembly” KNESSET
Mayo and the like MDS
Minimalist at the National Gallery FRANKSTELLA
More likely to bore, maybe TRITER
Music and such ARTS
Name on the cover of ”Vittorio the Vampire” ANNE
Nowhere near recently WAYWAYBACK
Opens aggressively TEARSAT
Org. with rescue vehicles SPCA
Phrase on some British passport covers ISLEOFMAN
Plastic PHONY
Project HURL
Recorder range ALTO
Sleeping bag accessory AIRPILLOW
Small jumpsuit BABYROMPER
Some running wheel users PETMICE
Sour option VODKA
Stratofortress home, for short AFB
Stratovolcano stratum ASH
Supermarket chain to avoid? ANTS
Talk Show Host Emmy winner of 2009 BEHAR
They don’t stay VAGABONDS
They may be targeted ADS
Two-legged predators LOANSHARKS
Unearths TURNSUP
Walks far away, briefly EVAS
What some beads are made of BATHOIL
Yelp info: Abbr HRS

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