– Mar 11 2018

Clues Answers
”Deal or No Deal” host HOWIEMANDEL
”Humboldt’s Gift” novelist SAULBELLOW
”I’m at a loss” NOIDEA
”Juno” actress ELLENPAGE
”King of Comedy” director MACKSENNETT
”La La Land” lead RYANGOSLING
”Magnum” work OPUS
”Man of a Thousand Voices” RICHLITTLE
”Take it!” THERE
”You’ve got mail” hearer AOLER
51 Down, often TRAINEE
Admin. __ ASST
Admit all, with ”up” FESS
Alpo alternative IAMS
Amount owed DEBT
Army copter HUEY
Back muscles, for short LATS
Ballet garb TUTUS
Be a bit much CLOY
Biblical song PSALM
Big beverage brewers URNS
Big seller in bear markets TEDDY
Bring back RETRIEVE
British afternoon breaks TEATIMES
Browses (through) LEAFS
Browses (through) PORES
Call on a course FORE
Canonized Fr. woman STE
Chimney coating SOOT
Civil War letters CSA
Cockpit announcement ETA
Communal SHARED
Corporate makeover REORG
County north of San Francisco MARIN
Crude cartel OPEC
Decide to contribute GOIN
Deck quartet NINES
Defeated champ’s demand REMATCH
Did nothing SAT
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Domain AREA
Donut shape TORUS
Ends one’s march HALTS
Evening up TYING
Excite or irritate PIQUE
Express gratitude to THANK
Expressed amusement CHORTLED
Fend off REPEL
Fern leaf FROND
Flag on a coat LAPELPIN
Folded Tex-Mex food TACO
For the taking FREE
Fraternal group ELKS
French article LES
Gallo Winery city MODESTO
Gathers, as grapes PICKS
Get sidetracked STRAY
Go quickly RACE
GPA booster EASYA
Handed down a decision RULED
Have to get NEED
Hotel room fixtures SAFES
Inaccurate NOTSO
Initial stage ONSET
Inn near an interstate MOTEL
Is diminished THINS
Island near Sicily MALTA
Isn’t definitive HEMS
Lab procedure TEST
Clues Answers
Large quantity TON
Leisurely jogs TROTS
Literary governess EYRE
Little prankster IMP
LOL equivalent HAHA
Longtime ”60 Minutes” reporter MORLEYSAFER
Longtime name in the news UPI
Mayor of Chicago EMANUEL
McCarthy-era hearings grp HUAC
Moistens WETS
Moral wrong SIN
Museum section GALLERY
Narrated TOLD
Newcomer on the payroll HIREE
Niagara River source ERIE
Nile wader HIPPO
Not moving INERT
Not to be trusted SLIMY
Old-timey oath EGAD
On the rocks ICED
Oscar actress at 11 ANNAPAQUIN
Over-heard TRITE
Part of a pitcher SPOUT
People of Muscat OMANIS
Pet store purchase CAGE
Pitchfork parts TINES
Pixar title robot WALLE
Port St. __, FL LUCIE
Portray ARE
Producers of mdse MFRS
Proof of ownership DEED
Quick bite NOSH
Quixotic pursuit QUEST
Recent delivery INFANT
Red Sea nation ERITREA
River through Hyderabad INDUS
Rodent in the news last month PHIL
Rotunda-topped DOMED
Ruler of Kuwait EMIR
Sang like a raven CAWED
Scanty SPARE
Signed away CEDED
Skeins of yarn HANKS
Slugger’s pride RBIS
Solemn ritual RITE
Some racehorses ROANS
Spirited mount STEED
Standard speaking PROSE
Strong cleaner LYE
Strong craving LUST
Suitable for sanding GRITTY
Tax-exempt bonds MUNIS
Tequila sources AGAVES
The nine theme celebrities, by birth CANADIANS
Title for Merkel FRAU
Updating of decor FACELIFT
Verbally ALOUD
Walt Disney Concert Hall architect FRANKGEHRY
Warhol works POPART
Webster of dictionaries NOAH
Western stock characters SHERIFFS
Western stock structures TEPEES
What Mexicans call the US ELNORTE
With the group ALONG
Without much gusto FEEBLY
Wool coat owners EWES
Wordsworth work ODE
Wrap up ENFOLD
Wrestling venue RING
Writer Zola EMILE
__ pro quo QUID

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