– Mar 12 2018

Clues Answers
”Tiny” Dickens boy TIM
Adore LOVE
Angry with MADAT
Arose from bed GOTUP
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Base of an Italian ”pie” PIZZADOUGH
Before-birth PRENATAL
Big, heavy books TOMES
British ”Bye-bye!” TATA
Campfire residues ASHES
Colorful cole-slaw ingredient REDCABBAGE
Compact-__ player DISC
Competent ABLE
Director Spike LEE
Drove too fast SPED
Eyeglasses glass LENS
Flat-topped Southwestern hill MESA
Frizzy hairdo AFRO
Fully prepared ALLSET
Get ready, for short PREP
Graceful bird SWAN
Hardly __ (rarely) EVER
Have the same opinion AGREE
High-fiber sandwich exterior WHOLEWHEATBREAD
Holler YELL
Hollywood statuette OSCAR
Hot herbal drinks TEAS
In the sky ALOFT
India’s continent ASIA
Intelligence, informally SMARTS
Island near Maui OAHU
Kilt wearers SCOTS
Like __ of bricks ATON
Locomotive sound CHUG
London Parliament bell BIGBEN
Looked at closely EYED
Major blood vessel AORTA
Clues Answers
Move very quickly ZOOM
Music staff symbol CLEF
Night-table light LAMP
Nosy person SNOOP
Nothing more than MERE
Pebble or boulder STONE
Permission-seeking phrase MAYI
Pesky flying insect GNAT
Ping-Pong barrier NET
Potato-producing state IDAHO
Pretend to be someone else ROLEPLAY
Proclaim publicly AVOW
Quantities: Abbr AMTS
Ring loudly, as a bell PEAL
Rock that’s mined ORE
S&L nest egg IRA
Scent-detecting organ NOSE
Sci-fi saucers, for short UFOS
Send a warning to ALERT
Sheetful of cookies BATCH
Small cities TOWNS
Snake’s sound SSS
Sprouting ”pet” plant CHIA
Stadium levels TIERS
Subsided WANED
Sun-dried brick ADOBE
Takes advantage of USES
Tennis racket’s target BALL
Top poker cards ACES
Tries a bite of TASTES
Turn __ (become) INTO
Upper-atmosphere layer OZONE
Valentine flower ROSE
Ventilates AIRS
Vineyard fruits GRAPES
Walks nervously PACES
Weed-chopping gardener HOER
Wicked EVIL
Wish earnestly HOPE

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