– Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
”All kidding __ . . .” ASIDE
”__ was saying . . .” ASI
13 Down ingredient ONION
Absolute ruler EMPEROR
Accounting department projections BUDGETESTIMATES
Altar exchanges RINGS
Apple-core bit SEED
Atty.’s group ABA
Be wild about ADORE
Biblical boat builder NOAH
Big cabinets for clothing ARMOIRES
Blunt sword EPEE
Bovine cry MOO
Bridle strap REIN
Clumsy ones OAFS
Competitive squad TEAM
Cooking spray brand PAM
Coyote cry HOWL
Crusty dessert PIE
Dalmatian markings SPOTS
Defeated by a hair EDGED
Dinghy propeller OAR
Dip for taco chips SALSA
Establish SETUP
Estimation phrase ORSO
Exercises for abs SITUPS
Father of Thor ODIN
Folklore brute OGRE
Frequent texter TEEN
Get the news HEAR
Gift-wrapping adhesive TAPE
Golden-__ (senior) AGER
Hair clasp BARRETTE
Handbag PURSE
Hay-bundling machine BALER
Historical period ERA
Houston baseballer ASTRO
In the know about ONTO
Insignificant MERE
Clues Answers
Knight’s title SIR
Magazine renewal cards INSERTS
Mail out SEND
Mail out a second time RESHIP
Mess up ERR
Monk’s superior ABBOT
Nav. rank ENS
Not as many FEWER
One and only SOLE
Passport stamp VISA
Play a tuba or trumpet BLOW
Protrusion BULGE
Region AREA
Region: Abbr TERR
Religious branch SECT
Sassy child IMP
Sharp point on a farm fence BARB
Ship’s emergency signal SOS
Shower alternative BATH
Singer Stefani GWEN
Small batteries AAS
Sneezer’s cloth HANKIE
Sorbets between wine tastings, e.g PALATECLEANSERS
Specialized vocabulary LINGO
Stash away SAVE
Stash of treasure TROVE
Stock-exchange firms BROKERAGEHOUSES
Stood up AROSE
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tavern order ALE
Threesome TRIO
Trial run TEST
Where most Hawaiians live OAHU
Where most people live ASIA
Wipes clean ERASES
Wrath IRE
__ so (nevertheless) EVEN

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