– Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
”Slow down!” WHOA
”Take this one” HERE
”That’s not good” UHOH
Abandoned ship HULK
Aspiring MDs’ hurdles MCATS
Atop, for short OER
Boone nickname DANL
Branch group SECT
Complain CRAB
Complain GRIPE
Computer ancestor ABACUS
Concave navel INNIE
Courtroom VIP ATTY
Cuban steps CONGA
Decline slowly EBB
Depleted GONE
Edible shell TACO
Emphasized PLAYEDUP
Escape artists’ challenges CAGES
Family members MOMS
Far from rosy-cheeked PALE
Folk singing group, often TRIO
Freebie for grocery patrons AROMA
Gardening gear HOSES
Good and welfare SAKE
Granola morsel OAT
Group of whales GAM
Handicapper’s hangout OTB
High anxiety HYSTERIA
Idiomatic marcher TIME
Iowa State’s city AMES
Lasers play them CDS
Loose-leaf lettuce BIBB
Makeshift doorstop ROCK
Multiple of bi- OCTO
Musket-loading tool RAMROD
Clues Answers
Mythical giant ATLAS
Mythical giants OGRES
Name on a ”Firebird” score IGOR
Necklace device CLASP
News sources MEDIA
NL Central team STL
Not a lot SELDOM
Oceanic art SEASCAPE
On the highest shelf UPTOP
One in a small house DOLL
Open, as some bottles UNCAP
Pasta salad, for instance COLDDISH
Place to stay, for short BANDB
Produce Department sign BERRYGOODDEALS
Produce Department sign GIVEPEASACHANCE
Produce Department sign WHATAGRAPEIDEA
Punxsutawney groundhog PHIL
Purview REALM
Shelf hanger’s tool LEVEL
Shot in the dark STAB
Sofa neighbor, often ENDTABLE
Somewhat hurried pace TROT
Spinning wheel stats RPMS
Steinbeck title place EDEN
Stuff (in) CRAM
Suited for Her Highness REGAL
Supervisor’s request SEEME
Supplier payer CLIENT
Term for 11 Down SHE
Three-Oscar director Kazan ELIA
Trident part TINE
Whitefish relative CHUB
Wood splitter AXE
Wren remark CHIRP
Yellow turnip RUTABAGA
Zinc __ ointment OXIDE
__ & Telescope Magazine SKY

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