– Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
”All done!” THERE
”Bearer,” at times PAYEE
”Please?” CANI
”Recently Deleted” folder filler EMAIL
”That’s not very enticing!” ICK
Balcony’s edge PARAPET
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Big part of a grade FINAL
Bracket shape ELL
Capital city of song PAREE
Change one’s mind about dropping STET
Cheese’s popular partner MAC
Dark time, in brief NITE
Dawson or Deighton LEN
Decoration depicting Washington PURPLEHEART
Dossier letters AKA
Factor in golf-club selection LIE
Family nickname SIS
Flip-flops REVERSES
Golf Hall of Fame nickname ARNIE
Haulers on highways RIGS
Have prestige RATE
Hearth accessories ASHPANS
Links on many home pages SITEMAPS
Lion-colored TAWNY
Major hurricane of 2005 WILMA
Marsh gunk SLIME
Milieus AREAS
Minced-onion containers SHAKERS
Mongoose’s prey COBRA
Name on the cover of ”Ben-Hur” LEW
Navigational distortions, in sci-fi WARPS
Not as chummy ICIER
Part of Edison’s signature THOS
Parts of some portfolios IRAS
Peace symbol OLIVEBRANCH
Poetic land ERIN
Clues Answers
Pointless fuss ADO
Prefix for pad HELI
Pullet Surprise, e.g PUN
Quite a sight LULU
RAM measure MEG
Rebus conjunction OAR
Render unreadable SHRED
Rolling, as topography HILLY
Screen image, essentially PIXELS
See 44 Down MODEL
Shoves off SAILS
Something said with a sigh ALAS
Sound of approval CLAP
Source of the Lone Ranger’s ammo SILVERMINE
South American ”King of Football” PELE
Spoke ill of SMEARED
Sports-team postings, informally SKEDS
Stigmatize TAINT
Subway fare HERO
Takes shape GELS
Test drive SPIN
The early ’70s NIXONERA
The other side ENEMIES
They ride on some carousels BAGS
Throw out EMIT
Topper with a long rear brim FIREHAT
Trading-day conclusions CLOSES
Tries to draw LURES
Two-dimensional PLANAR
Two-fisted ones HEMEN
Uncle Sam feature GOATEE
Unprocessed RAW
Venerable New Year’s event ORANGEBOWL
Vigorous HALE
What the puzzle’s keywords each lack RHYME
Whom Quentin directed in three films UMA
With 45 Down, architect’s creation SCALE
Worked with decorative stones, perhaps PAVED

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