Crossword Puzzle Info – Mar 17 2018

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Clues Answers
”America’s First Name in Comfort Since 1901” HANES
”Heart of Darkness” narrator MARLOW
”Short short stories,” today FLASHFICTION
13 years of study ELHI
Advances, with ”up” STEPS
Apt name for a chicken HENRIETTA
Area above an arch SHIN
Assists with deliveries MIDWIFES
At first NEE
Attack, with ”out” LASH
Avert a mishap, say STOPINTIME
BBC’s Sports Personality of the Century ALI
Bold, skillful thing FEAT
Breaking formation? SURF
Capital of a Caspian country ASTANA
Carry out ACTON
Certain costumed cheer leaders MASCOTS
Confessional music EMO
Contorted WRY
Cuisine with vinegar-pickled chilies HUNAN
Cygnus alias THESWAN
Deintensification THAW
Dollars to donuts, jocularly BET
Dynamic rate-adjustment system SURGEPRICING
Electronic engineering exam subject OHMSLAW
Evade, as an issue BEG
Four levels up from knight EARL
Frequent formation on leaves DEW
Ghoulie IMP
Heading ATOP
Hexadeca- fraction OCTO
Hip-hop dance that looks Scottish NAENAE
His crown is stolen in ”The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie” NEPTUNE
Home of the youngest Ivy ITHACA
Indonesian grazers RHINOS
Inductee in the Rock & Roll (2000) and Blues (2010) halls of fame RAITT
Clues Answers
Jaunt SPIN
Kept stinging ATEAT
Lay’s brand named for its pileability STAX
Longest-serving UN head UTHANT
Mass spectrometer product ION
Metaphorical pittance SONG
Mexican wrap TAQUITO
Modern storm front? TWEET
Monitors with GPAs RAS
Needing explanation, perhaps ASTERISKED
No fuddy-duddy HEP
Numerous Founding Fathers DEISTS
Occasion for throwing in and folding WASHDAY
One of two for the devil in ”Faust” ARIA
Order to leave GONOW
Pacific plate phrase ALOHASTATE
Point-of-view prelude IMO
Religion and art, per Cather KIN
Rowing machine, for short ERG
Running off SHOOING
Something said with a facepalm DOH
Speaker with the HomePod SIRI
Spiff up, as realty STAGE
T-Bonz purveyor ALPO
Takes off the back burner TURNSTO
Tea sampler descriptor ASSORTED
The Jordan Valley is its low point ASIA
Title equivalent to ”emperor” SHAH
To a great extent TONS
Unflinching STEADFAST
Video-game alteration, to insiders MOD
Will, in legalese ISTO
Word from Old French for ”portion of food” MESS
Word on the Cirque du Soleil venue list LAS