Crossword Puzzle Info – Mar 18 2018

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Clues Answers
”Beauty and the Beast” girl BELLE
”Game of Thrones” patriarch NED
”It wasn’t me,” e.g DENIAL
”O Canada,” for one ANTHEM
”Odyssey” byline HOMER
”Patience __ virtue” ISA
20 Down provisionally BASTE
Accurately pitched TUNED
Alpine song YODEL
Annual Stockholm presentations NOBELS
Army training academy: Abbr OCS
Asylum seeker EMIGRE
Atticus Finch creator LEE
Barcelona bulls TOROS
Beach toy KITE
Belittle ABASE
Big galoot OAF
Bingeing on ”Simpsons” episodes ROLLINGINDOH
Blog entry POST
Branch of Islam SHIA
Brief script excerpt LINE
Bring to mind RECALL
Campfire-created confection SMORE
Cannes confidante AMIE
Cash holders WALLETS
Casual shirt POLO
Causing wear EROSIVE
Celestial bodies COMETS
Celestial body ORB
Certain sultanate’s subject OMANI
Chasing away flies while jogging RUNNINGSHOO
Close call you got yourself into THECHOSENPHEW
Coal derivatives TARS
Completion END
Confederate soldiers REBS
Contained HAD
Cookie containers TINS
Courtroom ritual OATH
Deduce INFER
Did the catering for FED
Director Anderson WES
Doing battle ATWAR
Dollywood proprietor PARTON
Dolphins quarterback great MARINO
Drive-__ THRU
Due (to) OWING
E-file org IRS
Early afternoon TWO
Early tourney round PRELIM
Emulating ALA
Energizes, with ”up” PEPS
Fills fully SATES
First-class ACE
Florence’s river ARNO
From around here LOCAL
Front tip of a ship PROW
Giggling sound TEHEE
Gives off EMITS
Has possession of OWNS
Homes of twigs NESTS
How piano virtuosos play INTHEKEYOFGEE
Island east of South Carolina BERMUDA
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kanye West’s music RAP
Keaton of ”Annie Hall” DIANE
Late morning ELEVEN
Latest info NEWS
Layered, as plywood LAMINAR
Leave speechless AWE
Legal prefix PARA
Little fella LAD
Md. neighbor WVA
Morse code sound DAH
Mt. Rushmore locale SDAK
Much of North Africa SAHARA
Muscular BRAWNY
New Haven collegian ELI
Occupies, as a table SITSAT
Oldest cabinet department STATE
Outback bird EMU
Overemphasized DWELTON
Part of NCO NON
Paycheck amount NET
Pirate’s plunder LOOT
Play opener ACTI
Poetic preposition OER, ERE, NEATH, EVE
Prepares GETSSET
Prince in ”Aladdin” ALI
Psychic ability ESP
Put chips on BET
Queen’s reaction to the London Eye THEROYALWHEE
Rainy and icy SLEETY
Rectangle quartet CORNERS
Regatta craft SLOOP
Requests humbly BEGSFOR
Residences ABODES
RR stop STA
Rule, for short REG
Russian range URALS
S&L amenity ATM
San __, Italy REMO
Scouts’ shelters TENTS
Send __ (pay from one’s bank electronically) AWIRE
Set lofty goals ASPIRE
Ship of 1492 PINTA
Shopper stopper SALE
Shrill bark YAP
Sir, in Sonora SENOR
Skyscraping TALL
Slingshot shape WYE
Some Japanese-Americans NISEI
Something used on the range TEAPOT
Soup seasoning HERB
Sources of salt MINES
Starter for space AERO
State one’s views OPINE
Stick together BOND
Stitch up SEW
Strike down SMITE
Stylish TONY
Sucrose source BEET
Surpass TOP
SWAT team operation RAID
Take-charge type DOER
Tampa NFLer BUC
Tesla head Musk ELON
Ticket portions STUBS
Town near Santa Fe TAOS
Turned, as soil TILLED
Urban renewal target EYESORE
Vague discomfort MALAISE
What ”-vore” means EATER
What Brits call beans in veggie burgers SOYA
What’s heard upon exiting a musical in Fairbanks HAMILTONBRR
Whom Fallon succeeded LENO
Widen, as pupils DILATE
Window attachment DECAL
Witness SEE
Young socialite DEB
Zane Grey stories TALESOFWHOA
__ band (solo act) ONEMAN
__ di Pisa (Italian landmark) TORRE
__ Rupert Murdoch KEITH