– Mar 19 2018

Clues Answers
”Old MacDonald” refrain EIEIO
”That is to say . . .” IMEAN
”__ Baba and the 40 Thieves” ALI
A Great Lake ERIE
Add decorations to ADORN
After-school snack COOKIESANDMILK
Aladdin’s magic pal GENIE
Arrange for SETUP
Bangkok native THAI
Banquet hosts, for short MCS
Biblical ark builder NOAH
Bird on birth announcements STORK
Boxing victories, for short KOS
Car engine’s covering HOOD
Car’s beeper HORN
Caribbean resort island ARUBA
Cell-phone message that’s typed TEXT
Chains of hills RIDGES
Cheer (for) ROOT
Comes in last LOSES
Crawled slowly CREPT
Creators of praiseful poems ODISTS
Debtor’s written promises IOUS
Dental exam image XRAY
Devoured EATEN
Diplomatic discretion TACT
DJ’s metallic stack, for short CDS
Drove too fast SPED
Entryway DOOR
Fairy-tale meanie OGRE
Fill to excess SATE
Fourth month of the year APRIL
Graduation-cap dangler TASSEL
Hayloft locale BARN
Huck Finn’s creator TWAIN
In addition ALSO
In __ of (rather than) LIEU
Indicates assent NODS
Land measure ACRE

Clues Answers
Look without blinking STARE
Major blood vessel AORTA
Makes a swap TRADES
Male children SONS
Male deer STAG
Math proportion RATIO
Mix with a spoon STIR
Of sound mind SANE
Old furnace fuel COAL
Pageant crown TIARA
Papas’ mates MAMAS
Piece of a flower PETAL
Pig’s nose SNOUT
Pilot’s ”Understood” ROGER
Plaything TOY
Pro hoops league: Abbr NBA
Radio or TV program SHOW
Restaurant freebies before a meal BREADANDBUTTER
Reverberate ECHO
Ripened, as cheese AGED
Rowboat propellers OARS
Sear on the grill CHAR
Second-year students, for short SOPHS
Slim, as a dime THIN
Smart __ (wise guy) ALECK
Sound from a train TOOT
Superman’s reporter alias KENT
Take in, as a stray dog ADOPT
Three, on a sundial III
Top-billed actor STAR
Turn __ (become) INTO
Two-speaker system STEREO
Typical Saudi ARAB
Was in charge of LED
Words of dismay OHNO
__ and crafts ARTS

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