– Mar 2 2018

Clues Answers
”Call me sometime” LETSKEEPINTOUCH
”Lady Marmalade” rapper LILKIM
”Mad About You” star REISER
”That’s __ hadn’t heard” ONEI
”You’re putting __!’ MEON
A wife of Julius Caesar POMPEIA
Abe of Japan SHINZO
Agcy. running CDC
Ardent desires LUSTS
Articulated SAID
Austrian article DAS
Barrie in ”Finding Neverland” DEPP
Betrays eagerness DROOLS
Bond’s interest rate COUPONYIELD
Brainchildren IDEAS
Cheese that rarely spoils EDAM
City west of Los Angeles OXNARD
Classroom accessory ERASER
Cody’s star attraction OAKLEY
Covered-wagon rod AXLE
Cut back a lot SLASH
Dabbled in PLAYEDAT
Dally (with) FLIRT
DC collegian HOYA
Debate factions PROANDCON
Early 20th-century Russia and Bulgaria CZARDOMS
Ending for enzymes ASE
Ending like -ish OID
Ennoble EXALT
Evaluate ASSAY
Farm beast ASS
Flip for a profit RESELL
Formal objection NAY
Fourth person ABEL
French literature Nobelist GIDE
Clues Answers
Greenish songbird VIREO
Guilty pleasure VICE
Indefinite degree NTH
Is apt (to) TENDS
Major stretch ERA
Male elephant BULL
Metaphor for early nurturing CRADLE
Name on the cover of ”Beloved” TONI
Needing a change INARUT
On deck, for example ABOARD
One-time rocket rivalry SPACERACE
Online craft store ETSY
Pizza topping ONIONS
Prolific western author LAMOUR
Public presentation EXPOSURE
Raw-bar selection OYSTER
Rhododendron family shrub AZALEA
Ring-fitting device SIZER
School lunch staple PBJ
School near Sunset Blvd UCLA
Sell for less than UNDERCUT
Sentence shortener ETC
Something witty JEST
South African leader ZUMA
Stevenson villain MRHYDE
Stress-test reading EKG
Sudden fear ALARM
They’re above the abs PECS
True-crime author Rule ANN
Venerable race place INDY
Western part of Hungary’s capital BUDA
Where improvement is needed PROBLEMAREA
Wish one could undo RUE
Wok concoction LOMEIN
Wood-smoothing tool ADZE
Word after evil or eagle EYE
WWII milestone DDAY

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